Falling For My Brother's Bestfriend by amourecrivain
Falling For My Brother's Bestfriend by amourecrivain
Nobody can forget their first kiss. Even if you were only 6 years old. Especially when the person who kissed you was your older brother's bestfriend. After Blair's fathe...
  • girl
  • crush
  • sad
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My Little, Abandoned Omegas by YOLOwriting101
My Little, Abandoned Omegas by Just_Meh
"Help us..." I look down, seeing two twins sitting on the ground, backs leaning against the wall. As it rains I can see them trembling pitifully in the cold r...
  • mates
  • bwwm
  • cute
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Holy Mother of Tacos  by elektika
Holy Mother of Tacos by ✩ e l l e ✩
"Did you just...take my taco?" I did a double take at the guy who was strolling off with my scrumptious crunchy taco. He stilled and turned around, giving me...
  • stephenjames
  • funny
  • chuckle
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JOKES by Sadhali
JOKES by Little Wiener Enchilada Child
Are you ready for the best book you have ever read in the entire world???? Well your in the wrong place. I'm kidding. If you want jokes that make you roll on the floor l...
  • laugh
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Funny Texts and Jokes by joseybell
Funny Texts and Jokes by Bitches Beware
Just a bunch of funny texts and jokes
  • texts
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RANDOM!!!!!!! by AllTimeNutella13
RANDOM!!!!!!! by AllTimeNutella13
  • silly
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Dobre brothers imagines and preferences  by httpwolffangs
Dobre brothers imagines and prefer... by Puck you
Just fun little cute stories 🙈 I do accept requests 👍🏻 Enjoy!!😘
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Weird Founding Father Facts by FlyUnitedMEME
Weird Founding Father Facts by Morgan Hart
These are some weeeird stuff. Irrational rules, strange things, stupid funny actions, etc. Hope this makes you laugh.
  • hamham
  • silly
  • stupid
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Bby Boy//Jinkook by SaveMeFromTheShadow
Bby Boy//Jinkook by Rap Money
Who knew one wrong message could lead to feelings? *A Jinkook texting fan-fic*
  • silly
  • vhope
  • texting
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Tea For Two by prettyboypityparty
Tea For Two by sm
"Just wondering, Shoemaker. Are you going to tell your parents? Or should I?" When I was little, I was terribly afraid of heights. One day, in a bleak attempt...
  • sexuality
  • bisexual
  • gay
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Facebook (A Percy Jackson story) (Watty Award Winner 2013) by lilmonkey13
Facebook (A Percy Jackson story) (... by Abby
Just random silliness that the demigods do on Facebook! With 100 parts finished with 112 chapters. Some of the conversations are ones I have had with my own friends, fam...
  • lightningmclean
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Creepypasta Zodiacs by _ChamomileTea_
Creepypasta Zodiacs by Jessica ❄️
The title says it all 😁 ♉️♎️♓️♈️♍️♒️♑️♌️♋️♐️♊️♏️ #82 in random | 11/7/17
  • weirdness
  • horoscope
  • ticcitoby
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 Random Facts by most_bay
Random Facts by most_bay
Random facts that will make your eyes pop out... Don't forget to pick them up from the floor. 😁
  • facts
  • silly
  • fun
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This Kitten Has Claws by Lol5679
This Kitten Has Claws by Rae Ann
Waking up naked in the middle of the woods wasn't exactly on Amanda's summer wish list. With no recollection as to what happened to her or where she came from, Amanda mu...
  • sun
  • ring
  • evil
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My Hot Guy Book (LMAO I have no clue what I'm doing) ✔ by Pro_eo
My Hot Guy Book (LMAO I have no cl... by A n n a
[Highest Ranking: #255 in Humour as of 1/13/18] Well, I've seen books like this before, where you put pictures of hot guys. So, here's my hot guy book. Warning: Alon...
  • pictures
  • thisisstupid
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Dork Days and Bad Boy Ways (BoyXBoy) by bear8tea
Dork Days and Bad Boy Ways (BoyXBo... by Sky
Falling for bad boy Reed isn't something sixteen year old Caleb planned on doing this summer. In fact he planned on being as antisocial as ever. When he and Reed go a li...
  • funny
  • iwantyou
  • areyoureadingthese
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Phan X Reader by rebeccananney
Phan X Reader by Becky
This is just a Dan and Phil X reader. I've been wanting to write this. If you're sensitive smut or sexual activity of any type please do not read. Thanks. You started o...
  • amazingphil
  • philxreader
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HERE FOR HER (Always❤) by ThePinkDarkness
HERE FOR HER (Always❤) by ThePinkDarkness
Highest rank- #40 (10-11-17) ❤Here's to the people who try their hardest to be good enough for everyone, who spend hours reading random quotes just to find the right one...
  • cutelove
  • siblings
  • overprotective
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Roses Are Red, Unless They Are Dead by crazyoboeplayer
Roses Are Red, Unless They Are Dead by Not.A.Clarinet
<Highest ranking~#133 in poetry> Go insane by reading this book of roses are red poems! Not to be taken seriously, my poems would never pass a test, and anyone who...
  • odd
  • whynot
  • funny
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My Stupid Heart by bear8tea
My Stupid Heart by Sky
(BoyXBoy) Why did I have to go and fall for him?
  • luff
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