BoyxBoy OneShots by SecretPotatoxoxo
BoyxBoy OneShots by SecretPotatoxoxo
Hey Guys so this was requested in my other book so here are some boyxboy oneshots based of different songs! Enjoy! ================================= *I got the cover of...
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  • queer
  • homosexuality
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I Know You Want Me (BoyxBoy) by GhostPirate
I Know You Want Me (BoyxBoy) by Shanna
Drew has yet to discover his sexuality. He never thought much about it. But he will soon have an encounter that will change his ways of thinking and he might just fall i...
  • dev
  • drew
  • scary
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Gender and sexuality problems by CarterNeilson
Gender and sexuality problems by Carter Neilson
This is a list of problems people in the LGBT+ community run into plus a few I run into as a genderfluid pansexual cutie Highest Rank 92 in Random
  • genderfluid
  • gender
  • lesbian
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The Genius [BXB] #1✓ by saintc
The Genius [BXB] #1✓ by ѕαιɴт cαlιeɴdo
Wyatt Wilson has always been at the top of his grade. He's wining every quiz, debate and academic Olympic under the sun. His teachers adore him, his mates envy him and e...
  • bxb
  • boyxboy
  • smart
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The Hooded Actress (Girl x Girl/Lesbian) by TheAwkwardPotatoChan
The Hooded Actress (Girl x Girl/Le... by TheAwkwardPotatoChan
An artist's mind is a curious place... It's always focused on the little details.... When giving an opportunity to imagine, it goes wild with endless possibilities. Tha...
  • painter
  • queer
  • girl
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Just Some More Queer Stuff by flamelesspropaganda
Just Some More Queer Stuff by Samool
[Including Open Chat!!] This is the second book to my "Just some queer stuff", which is an amazing communication platform of the LGBT community on Wattpad! Go...
  • gay
  • aromantic
  • asexual
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Never Kiss Your Roommate (girlxgirl & boyxboy) by writing00introvert
Never Kiss Your Roommate (girlxgir... by Philline
''Ever kissed a girl?" ''No.'' ''Ever wanted to?'' ''Every time I look at you.'' Unwritten Rule No. 1 at any boarding school is to never ki...
  • lgbtq
  • humour
  • boyxboy
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Shoshone Station: The Galactic Consortium season 2 by RJEliason
Shoshone Station: The Galactic Con... by R. J. Eliason
Less than a year ago, they arrived over earth's sky. They call themselves the Galactic Consortium and they are human, or at least, simian - from the same genetic line as...
  • science
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Korn & Knock - Destiny  (Together With Me Series) (Bad Romance) by Kramdrof
Korn & Knock - Destiny (Together... by Kramdrof
Destiny, some people believe in her, some people don't. For Korn and Knock, the hidden power that controls what will happen in the future. is already predetermined...
  • shounenai
  • yiwah
  • knock
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A Priestess for the Blind God (Completed) by authorsophiawhitte
A Priestess for the Blind God (Com... by Sophia Whittemore
"The Blind God walks around me, and I feel my mind prodded again like it was in the cavern, a spider weaving a tangled web. "Would you do anything to be rememb...
  • battle
  • epicfantasy
  • genderfluid
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Maverick and Her Ways (GirlxGirl) by sayinghello
Maverick and Her Ways (GirlxGirl) by Jean
A Catholic school, a best friend with two boyfriends, and a new girl who wore inappropriate clothing. Maverick Bridge only wanted to concentrate on her studies, but was...
  • gxg
  • thefreelgbt
  • queer
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Against All Odds by forever-evermore
Against All Odds by Malena
After over a year of trying to get pregnant, Milo Katz is told that he is infertile and that the fertility treatments are not working. That fateful day sends the rest of...
  • infertility
  • mpreg
  • coffeeshop
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ANGE (girlxgirl) by gollumlooking
ANGE (girlxgirl) by Sophie Gillet
Ange is a seventeen year old girl who struggles with depression and is quite unique. She hardly ever goes to school because of her hate for it, until she strikes a deal...
  • gay
  • rebellious
  • teen
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LGBTQ+ Posts by LGBTQAccount
LGBTQ+ Posts by LGBTQ+
Posts and maybeee confessions?
  • pansexual
  • asexual
  • trans
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Blue  by xMotionlessHorizonx
Blue by Devin
"Relax, Lloyd. We don't have to tell anyone it happened. In fact, we don't even have to tell ourselves it happened. We could pretend like nothing happened." B...
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  • gayboys
  • age
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Everyday - JYRUS by RyderImperial
Everyday - JYRUS by Ryder
Cyrus Goodman, an openly gay person, develops a crush on the school's most straightest boy, Jonah Beck. Or so he thought? After his friend Buffy discovers something tha...
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  • andi
  • jonah
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honey [normila] by BandLxver
honey [normila] by shania
i like my girls just like i like my honey [another social media au bc i hate myself]
  • queer
  • lesbian
  • pansexual
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Boys With Scars by DannyPhantomPhandom
Boys With Scars by Danny Phantom
Danny Fenton and his family have fled his hometown to the U.K. away from the corrupt U.S. government that desires to take away all of their research. The Fenton Clan has...
  • death
  • weasley
  • fluff
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Queer Magic by VSSantoni
Queer Magic by V.S. Santoni
This is the sequel to "I'm a Gay Wizard". Ryan and Alison were your average, miserable high school students until they cast a haywire spell that drew the atten...
  • gay
  • romance
  • ftm
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My Five Husbands by Demz5luv
My Five Husbands by Demz5luv
I woke up in Vegas with amnesia. I had absolutely no idea what I had done last night but I was pretty sure I had had a blast with my five hot new friends! I'm also pret...
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