Please Don't Say You Love Me- ON HOLD by FantasyRealityDreams
Please Don't Say You Love Me- ON Writer in Progress
Adeline Ember Jules- A 25 year old woman who has just finished university for design and business. Waiting for a full time job she currently works as a barista at th...
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UCHIHA by vonlane
UCHIHAby J-Hoooooo00oooo0ooo0000oooope
-Sasuke... -¿Hm? -...¿Seguro que no eres gay?
  • sasunaru
  • vonlane
  • sasgay
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LIGHTNING >> KLAUS  MIKAELSON by stuckyshiper567
"I get my bad temper from my father." "Funny thing to mention, so do I." Rowen has been anything but average, which is a given being the daughter...
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  • klausmikaelson
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The Outsiders: Babygirl Curtis by xxLiveLoveMusicxx
The Outsiders: Babygirl Curtisby Kali
What if the Curtis's had a sister? A little sister to Darry and Soda but big sister to Pony. Where would she fit in? What would she be like? Read Babygirl's story to fin...
  • ideas
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EVOLUTION °       meet my oc's by kdwixz
EVOLUTION ° meet my oc'sby k j
EVOLUTION | ❝ well, i'm not the same person i was last year ❞ | STAND-ALONE | MEET MY O...
  • sidemen
  • harrypotter
  • meetmyoc
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Those Who Walk the Blessed Path... Halo X RWBY Fanfic by Smithers2882
Those Who Walk the Blessed Smithers2882
When a simple mission goes wrong, Lur' Thress, a Zealot class elite finds himself on an unknown world filled with hostile creatures and even stranger people. But nothing...
  • rwby
  • orginal
  • halo
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bare slemme gutter by Groteskt
bare slemme gutterby Gro
Gabriel Lange er ny, men Robben liker han fint lite.
  • orginal
  • ungdomsfiksjon
  • badboy
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Joshler Lemons ❤ [ DISCONTINUED] by WhitePills
Joshler Lemons ❤ [ DISCONTINUED]by WhitePills
calling all ladies and males as well who just love gay stories or Joshlers
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  • emotrinty
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Liv og død by JosefineAndersen3
Liv og dødby Josefine Andersen
Liv er voksede op som forældreløs . Ind til den dag hun for en ring med posten .og et brev der hævder den er for hendes far samme dag dør den lede lede pige fra klasse u...
  • mobning
  • dødsriget
  • danish
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modern lady ~ original by Anadogsoft
modern lady ~ originalby Darling
I made this cause I thought it was fun
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  • orginal
HONEST Netflix reviews (200 words or less) by monkytails
HONEST Netflix reviews (200 Aap
  • netflix
  • series
  • orginal
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Heartbreak Poems by sophiesosmart
Heartbreak Poemsby sophiesosmart
Wrote these when I was in a bad place and the tears still come back when I read them over again.
  • orginial
  • thingsgetbetter
  • poeticjustice
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Ino's Suicide by Snbeard
Ino's Suicideby Shelby Beard
Ino's ever lowering self esteem has finally gotten to her. So she writes letters and sends them to her loved ones. Who does she write? What crack pairings can I make up...
  • sakura
  • hinata
  • ino
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Music Of Love : Beyond Time by Ravena_Meiya
Music Of Love : Beyond Timeby Aneva
Music, they were produced by sounds that and instrument are making. Sometimes music can be an action that can express your feelings and emotions. You can also tell stori...
  • âu
  • violinist
  • orginal
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Death Awaits (Book 1) by FangsWillBite
Death Awaits (Book 1)by Sehun's nipples
:Credit to whoever drew the cover:: How would you react if everything was already planned out for you and you could do absolutely nothing about it? Lysandra Elizabeth Ma...
  • korean
  • romance
  • lost
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Phrases by pinkfergie06
Phrasesby |•~Fergie~•|
I really hope you like them ? [Cover Made By Canva] *updated randomly*
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Stand By Me - by Steven King by -HoelyRose-
Stand By Me - by Steven Kingby halle saucedó
original full story by Steven King The Body- better known as Stand By Me the autobiography of Steven King's childhood- when a boy and his friends set out to find the dea...
  • stevenking
  • nonfiction
  • 1960s
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Read My Words [#wattys2016] by JayNicolette
Read My Words [#wattys2016]by Nicolette💤
Title is pretty self explanatory, just a collection of thoughts and poems that I want you to read.
  • wattys2016
  • poems
  • swag-the-horse
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Lost by brooklynbabyyy10
Lostby Jezele Jackson
"I-I don't really know" "Why not" "Cause I'm a bit ......lost" "So lets go find you"
  • starbucks
  • seattle
  • love
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[ ERROR ] by jaynawrites
[ ERROR ]by sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇʀ
" Guess I'm A Nobody After All " - Welcome to a supposedly perfect world, where people were becoming more and more robotic, empty, perfect. Where your entire l...
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