How To: Make An Original Character by howto_
How To: Make An Original Character by e l l a Non-Fiction
Highest Ranking: #1 in Non-Fiction [27.9.16] How many Kylies are there on this site? Do all of them have to have messy buns? Why does everyone love Starbucks so much? Wh...
Please Don't Say You Love Me- ON HOLD by FantasyRealityDreams
Please Don't Say You Love Me- ON H... by Writer in Progress Romance
Adeline Ember Jules- A 25 year old woman who has just finished university for design and business. Waiting for a full time job she currently works as a barista at th...
Reborn (Naruto World/OC) by Anvelite
Reborn (Naruto World/OC) by Anvelite Fanfiction
So, I died. Big shocker. And now I woke up in a kid's body where I live in some place that went by the name of Konohagakure. I live in a world where ninjas exist. I'm a...
Blade Tech-Magical Doctrine by malakeyegod
Blade Tech-Magical Doctrine by Justin Miles Fantasy
The world of Felix is a rich, powerful planet that houses many unique species and races. This includes mages, dwarfs , elves, orcs, and the odd dragon or two. These race...
LIGHTNING >> KLAUS  MIKAELSON by stuckyshiper567
LIGHTNING >> KLAUS MIKAELSON by -☽Aly☾- Fanfiction
"I get my bad temper from my father." "Funny thing to mention, so do I." Rowen has been anything but average, which is a given being the daughter...
Injustice in all of us by Nateryan48
Injustice in all of us by Nathen (taken Fanfiction
I do not own anything in this book except the idea of it.
We were teenagers, now we're monsters. by Night_ShadowedCat
We were teenagers, now we're monst... by ShadowCatOfKetterdam Fantasy
We are survivors, wiser and older. Stronger and bolder, all of us living in our own way. We are puppets to nature's strings, we are broken beasts that bite back at the s...
The Outsiders: Babygirl Curtis by xxLiveLoveMusicxx
The Outsiders: Babygirl Curtis by Kali Fanfiction
What if the Curtis's had a sister? A little sister to Darry and Soda but big sister to Pony. Where would she fit in? What would she be like? Read Babygirl's story to fin...
UCHIHA by vonlane
UCHIHA by TEAM WANG Fanfiction
-Sasuke... -¿Hm? -...¿Seguro que no eres gay?
Stranded(1D Fan-Fic) by DanceLikeMagicMike
Stranded(1D Fan-Fic) by DanceLikeMagicMike Fanfiction
The town of Salem, Louisiana is a quaint little town. No more than forty people live in it. To most, Salem doesn't even exist, in fact it's not even on the map. It's bee...
,, NO CO TY NIE POWIESZ '' by Zuzender_Zuzender
,, NO CO TY NIE POWIESZ '' by Zuzanna Piosik Humor
" NO CO TY NIE POWIESZ " - To książka moich zabawnych,dziwnych i popapranych sytuacji oraz tekstów ( Nie wszystkie są moje- krewnych , nauczycieli i znajomych...
Beastly Is Beautiful (Beastly Series) by Hunting_Dreams
Beastly Is Beautiful (Beastly Seri... by Hunting_Dreams Science Fiction
Corrin Woods is a junior in Red Wood high school. He, his family and friends all being part of the supernatural world they're close knit. With his best friend Marina get...
My OC Book❤ by Christmas_Shino
drizzle ( role play characters ).  by -queensapphire
drizzle ( role play characters ). by ˗ˏˋ hopeless ˎˊ˗ Random
❝ if people were rain, I was a DRIZZLE and she was a hurricane. ❞
Russian Nights by YunoisCrazy
Russian Nights by Yuno Gasai Mystery / Thriller
'Russian Nights' is a crime thriller revolving around a girl named Alexandra who has become a hitman, but is having issues handling her clients, and they usually end off...
My Random Covers by Tumblr_Marble
My Random Covers by Tumblr_Marble Random
These covers aren't base on books, there random covers. This book will included book covers. Please do not send requests, unless if you really, really, really,really...
ShipTale AU Stuff by Go_Team_Go
ShipTale AU Stuff by Go Girls Go. (J.L,J.B,R.W, R... Random
This is about what I have for my Shiptale Au, now here is a mini summary : Basically Everyone is shipped with everyone.The monsters have gotten board of just shippin...
WILD. ━ N. SCAMANDER by groundbreaking-
WILD. ━ N. SCAMANDER by t. | semi-hiatus! Fanfiction
" you don't have to believe it, for it to take you to an adventure, love." _____________________ [ fantastic beasts and where to find them ] ...
Original Characters List (OC) by -Quartz-
Original Characters List (OC) by -Quartz- Random
•• This is just a bunch of my ocs, anyone can PM me or comment to roleplay with any of these! ••
OC Info by KatsumiStrider
OC Info by *dying whale noises* Random
[insert shrugging My Little Pony character meme here] Disclaimer! I own none of the pictures used