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I suck... BALLS. I write gay romance stories. I am fabulous. My characters are kinda rude. I'm sorry lol but in reality, the world is filled with rude people. I can't just eliminate them from my stories. It would be too unrealistic. I have a love and hate relationship with Wattpad. I love butts and dicks.
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Now is the beginning .. I don't need the end right now .. Everyone need start .. So let me know about the world because I Love the new things .. • • • Story,♡Thoughts ♡, feelings ♡, life♡ , love♡ , keep dreaming♡... Snapchat: cutepie303 Instagram: cuty343 : D Ask me : http://yayoki
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Hey ! Je m'appelle Lou ! Je ne te dis pas mon âge. Parce que j'ai la flemme. Je suis maligne, gentille, mechante, chiante, intelligente, folle, celib, psychopathe.... J'adore écrire et si tu regardes le nombre de livre que j'ai fais... (30 et peut être plus). Mais il y a beaucoup de trucs randoms et qui ne sont du coup pas des histoires. (RANDOM ET PAS CONDOM) Bref. Bisous ☁️☁️☁️☁️
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♏com ascendente em ♑ e lua em ♈ (ou seja, sou o anticristo) ainda de luto pela morte de alois trancy ❁ ❄belieber ❄directioner ❄sinner ❄hunter ❄fall out boy ❄sheerio ❄troye sivan ❄melanie martinez ❄black veil brides ❄andy biersack ❄james bay ❄blink-182 ❄destiel shipper ❄gumlee shipper ❄larry shipper ❄ziall shipper ❄ned shipper ❄ryden shipper ❄muke shipper ❄zouis shipper ❄16 years ❅adventure time ❅ever after high ❅mr robot ❅scream ❅sense8 ❅how to get away with murder ❅orphan black ❅awkward. ❅faking it ❅skins ❅american horror story ❅supernatural ❅pretty little liars ❅scream queens ✽kamisama hajimemashita ✽kuroshitsuji ✽mirai nikki ✽death note ✽sukitte ii na yo ✽junjou romantica ✽seito kaichou ni chuukoku ✽sekai-ichi hatsukoi ✽lovers doll ✽love stage ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ a desesperada do tinder ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ❀autora de twitter (ziall) -todos os direitos reservados- ❀ ❀autora de bloody doll (larry) -todos os direitos reservados- ❀ ❀autora de strawberry boy (larry) -todos os direitos reservados- ❀ ❀adapto awkward (larry) ❀ ❀traduzo burger grill (ziall) ©snakesinapayne ❀ ❀autora de unacceptable with @larrygracious -todos os direitos reservados- se encontra disponível no perfil @larrygumlee ❀ ❀autora de happily ever after with @larrygracious -todos os direitos reservados- também se encontra disponível no perfil @larrygumlee ❀ ❀twitter: @rydenasty obrigado por ler, love ya ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
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Hey everyone, not to be mean, I will.only be.posting my storys on FNAF(Five Nights At Freddys) related, I'm sorry im just a really big fan on FNAF so much!!! So my future books ill be posting are gonna be these, the first two im still.writing. 1.Best Job Ever?(Mike X Reader X Vincent) 2.FNAF Mike X Reader 3.Two Boys One Girl(Jeremy X Reader X Mike) 4.My Purple Guy(Vincent X Reader) And so on ill be thinking of other books and if you like my first two storys then follow me:3 And if you give me support you can be in one of my books!:3 well ill be writing so bbyyeeeee:3
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Obsessed with Bernatette Peters Most of my books I forget to update sorry I understand if you don't follow me I'm pretty rubbish
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Hey, dit is dus mijn profiel. Ik schrijf (soms) verhalen. Fantasy vooral, maar soms andere dingen, maar eigenlijk alleen fantasy zo'n beetje. Nu ben ik bezig met Elements en ik zal beginnen met hoofdstukken plaatsen als ik een paar hoofdstukken heb zodat er niet te veel tijd tussen de updates zit. Kijk ook eens in mijn cover boek. Die update ik wel regelmatig. Kies tussen degenen die ik al gemaakt heb of stuur me een bericht met waar je boek over gaat en ik zal een speciale voor je maken.
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I am Doll phantomhive I serve master ciel as a maid and in battle Yes I am a maid for the Ciel phantomhive I shall use three roses Black,blue and white I shall use black for poison against enemies of my master I shall use blue to stay as the queen's puppet And I shall use white as a shield to protect my master...
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Hi I'm Mel I'm not the smartest one if you ask me ;) I live for 1D and 5SOS