Baby Doll by Lexi17608
Baby Dollby Lexi✨
#9 IN HORROR " You are here to help me. I've watched you for quite some time now, it was just so easy to put you in the van. You are so sweet and beautiful my doll...
  • creepy
  • suspense
  • kidnap
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The Doll Maker by Ariatzu
The Doll Makerby Ariatzu
Auròre, a young girl is kidnapped by a scientist. Her life is ruined by a fettish that the scientist has. She is going through the process of becoming a living, breathin...
  • horror
  • blinded
  • doll
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Dollhouse (Scomiche) - Completed by bubblegrassi
Dollhouse (Scomiche) - Completedby sad
In which a seemingly normal psychologist is actually a mentally unstable psychopath who's sickly obsessed with dolls.
  • ptx
  • house
  • creepy
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Uninvited by SheHopes
Uninvitedby Sandra Grayson
An unsolved murder and a haunted cabin leave Abby Redding fighting for her life. Is there really a ghost trying to chase her out of its home? Or is there something more...
  • paranormal
  • scary
  • mystery
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Puppet Boy by z0mbies
Puppet Boyby z0mbies
"My beautiful Puppet Boy and my beautiful Puppet Girl." A teenage boy and girl find themselves trapped in the lair of a crazy man obsessed with human puppetry...
  • gore
  • horror
  • doll
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Glass Sight by silentscarlettt
Glass Sightby scarlettt🙈🎶
Highest Rank #47 in Historical Fiction || The moment Qi Yingyun was born, her surroundings were dark. This led to the bitter discovery that the gorgeous girl was blind...
  • tears
  • emotionless
  • pregnant
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Hello Dolly by VBear94
Hello Dollyby Valeria
• Former Wattpad Featured Story • When 16 year-old Daisy takes her little sister Lori to the old antique store downtown for her birthday, she pays no attention to the ol...
  • wattys2017
  • haunted
  • scary
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You Can't Just Run Away || J.Jk + Reader by Mochi_Rabbit
You Can't Just Run Away || J.Jk marshmallow_usagi
『 Complete 』 You and Jungkook are a childhood friend. Not really a childhood friend, he just sees you as his toy. You can't handle all the things that Jungkook do to yo...
  • love
  • fanfic
  • jungkook
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Creepiest Chats Ever! [COMPLETED] by MagBlueRoses
Creepiest Chats Ever! [COMPLETED]by MagBlueRoses
|| Highest rank #2 in Horror || In this book, you'll find the most suspense filled and creepiest chats ever! If you like spooky and spine-chilling stuff, then this is fo...
  • shortstory
  • chatting
  • doll
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Everybody Needs Love||nba youngboy fanfic by yesthatsriah
Everybody Needs Love||nba Denise😝
before you read this read "A fucked up love story"
  • nba
  • later
  • 5y
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Heat: A Mafia Doll Retelling  by xoDiamondxo
Heat: A Mafia Doll Retelling by M. Abril Mora
What happens when one person makes a different choice? Kimberly Riley gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Brooklynn... but this time... someone was standing in the...
  • boy
  • heat
  • possessive
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Daddies Little Princess // 1D // On Hold by DenialDaddy
Daddies Little Princess // 1D // Kinky Savage
" W-who are you " I shakily ask just above a whisper. " We " the man with curly hair, green eyes and a deep English accent says pointing to the othe...
  • harrystyles
  • little
  • louistomlinson
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Sally (Book 1) by daishacristina21
Sally (Book 1)by Cristina & Dai'Sha
"Don't cry. We still have each other." Angela looked around her then froze and looked down to see her doll Sally smiling at her. Angela was shocked. "You...
  • humorous
  • madameooga
  • brenda
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The Modern World  || Black Butler by Cinnamon-toast12
The Modern World || Black Butlerby Allannah.Needs.Oreos
Have you ever imagined, what if the Black Butler crew stumbled across the future? Well, (Y/N) already experienced that one. Once they landed on our time they don't know...
  • grellsutcliff
  • aloistrancy
  • beast
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keychain ー liskook by aesthethot
keychain ー liskookby ʰᵃˡˢᵉʸ
[ on going ] ❝ why do you have so many keychains?❞ © aesthethot 2018 All rights reserved.
  • aesthethot
  • bts
  • angst
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His Little Doll ((G/T)) by The_Little_Dove
His Little Doll ((G/T))by Jordan Amstutz
((I drew and own this cover!) Tinies were a newly discovered race to the humans, standing about three inches tall and many had already been captured and put into stores...
  • human
  • big
  • borrowers
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Toy ㅡ Jung Jaehyun by -joyseu
Toy ㅡ Jung Jaehyunby 아린
❝and i'm here to be your toy❞
  • deep
  • scary
  • toy
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MEMES 4 U!!! TO MAKE YA SMILE!!!! Heyyyy!!!! So yeah.... I was bored and I decided to just make this book for fun. It was inspired by LMAO Texts by my girl @Aviana_Kaide...
  • laugh
  • memes
  • doll
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My new toy to play with  {Creepypasta x Doll! reader }  by TheSeeker31
My new toy to play with { PotatoIceCream
This is one, crappy description
  • xreader
  • doll
  • ticcitoby
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Let Me Love You | Jariana by signofharrytimes
Let Me Love You | Jarianaby ♡
Justin Bieber is a ruthless and dangerous killer. He didn't care about anything except his Ariana. He is obsessed. He loves her, he knows everything about her, but she d...
  • doll
  • badblood
  • dark
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