Daddies Little Princess // 1D // On Hold by DenialDaddy
Daddies Little Princess // 1D // O... by Kinky Savage
" W-who are you " I shakily ask just above a whisper. " We " the man with curly hair, green eyes and a deep English accent says pointing to the othe...
  • princess
  • doll
  • little
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The Doll That Had A Soul [MAJOR EDITING] by officiallybev
The Doll That Had A Soul [MAJOR ED... by my stories suck
HIGHEST RANK #32 IN HORROR and 7/12/2017 Vintage Japanese Dolls , sounds normal to me. But that's not what 14 year old Renee thinks. After a Long vacation in Japan , Her...
  • school
  • japanesedoll
  • horror
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Puppet Boy by z0mbies
Puppet Boy by 🎃
"My beautiful Puppet Boy and my beautiful Puppet Girl." A teenage boy and girl find themselves trapped in the lair of a crazy man obsessed with human puppetry...
  • doll
  • horror
  • kidnapping
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Uninvited by SheHopes
Uninvited by Sandra Grayson
An unsolved murder and a haunted cabin leave Abby Redding fighting for her life. Is there really a ghost trying to chase her out of its home? Or is there something more...
  • paranormal
  • thriller
  • romance
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Heat: A Mafia Doll Retelling  by xoDiamondxo
Heat: A Mafia Doll Retelling by Avril M.
What happens when one person makes a different choice? Kimberly Riley gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Brooklynn... but this time... someone was standing in the...
  • badboy
  • crime
  • toxic
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Chucky X Reader by AWildBimbo
Chucky X Reader by AWildBimbo
You weren't really into dolls...but what happens when you find an intriguing, tattered little ginger doll in an alleyway? You take it in and give it a home, in high hope...
  • curseofchucky
  • cultofchucky
  • childsplay
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The Modern World  || Black Butler by Cinnamon-toast12
The Modern World || Black Butler by Allannah💚
Have you ever imagined, what if the Black Butler crew stumbled across the future? Well, (Y/N) already experienced that one. Once they landed on our time they don't know...
  • bb
  • sebastianmichaelis
  • completed
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You Can't Just Run Away || Jungkook x Reader by Mochi_Rabbit
You Can't Just Run Away || Jungkoo... by marshmallow_usagi
[ Complete ] You and Jungkook are a childhood friend. Not really a childhood friend, he just sees you as his toy. You can't handle all the things that Jungkook do to yo...
  • love
  • cute
  • crybaby
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MEMES 4 U!!! TO MAKE YA SMILE!!!! Heyyyy!!!! So yeah.... I was bored and I decided to just make this book for fun. It was inspired by LMAO Texts by my girl @Aviana_Kaide...
  • doll
  • laugh
  • eternal
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⭐-MixedJawn-⭐ by ashaia_doll
⭐-MixedJawn-⭐ by ⭐Ashaia⭐
Wussup wit it😋
  • ig
  • myquotes
  • ashaia
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It Beats For You by ImHereToTakeTheSky
It Beats For You by ImHereToTakeTheSky
Rain Moore is a 17 year old photographer/musical artist who wants to pursue her dreams, so she's leaving town. But she ends up making friends with Black Veil Brides befo...
  • broken
  • biersack
  • brooklyn
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Doll Face - Episode 6 - MATURE SCENES by Tonisimone_episode
Doll Face - Episode 6 - MATURE SCE... by Toni Simone
This is not a story! Do not read this unless you have read my episode story Doll face.. Link on profile.
  • winter
  • doll
  • tonisimone
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My Doll | Jeon Jungkook  by -DrunkBeips
My Doll | Jeon Jungkook by mortal
" You are my doll " " Forever " ______ a girl talk to a doll whose name is kookie. But what will happen if the actual kookie can feel and hear her ?
  • jungkook
  • love
  • bangtansonyeondan
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Psychopath 1 | Park Jimin by Jimin_is_slayin2837
Psychopath 1 | Park Jimin by TheJibootyEffect
- "Would you like to become a nanny who watches over a doll?" (A Park Jimin Fanfiction) ------------------------------------ Kim Eunji becomes a nanny after c...
  • sexy
  • parkjimin
  • bts
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Sally (Book 1) by daishacristina21
Sally (Book 1) by Cristina & Dai'Sha
"Don't cry. We still have each other." Angela looked around her then froze and looked down to see her doll Sally smiling at her. Angela was shocked. "You...
  • angela
  • possessed
  • sally
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Katherine [+18] by girl-with-defects
Katherine [+18] by ASH.
A simple vista solo es una pequeña niña inocente que se deja llevar por hombres que la manipulan para hacer lo que ellos quieran. Pero lo que no saben es que esa linda n...
  • hot
  • bebe
  • dominante
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AGALMATOPHILIA by ~*~ El Depresso ~*~
Agalmatophilia is a sexual attraction in which individuals derive sexual arousal from an interaction with statues, dolls or mannequins. Agalmatophilia can also include '...
  • panicatthedisco
  • doll
  • murder
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Short Horror Stories (HAUNTED) by Killer4Blood
Short Horror Stories (HAUNTED) by Killer4Blood
A spine chilling collection of short horror stories. Highest rank: #126 in Short Story (4.12.2017) Highest rank: #81 in Horror (8.12.2017)
  • horror
  • blood
  • haunted
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Welcome To The Show~ {Book Of Circus} by WolfyEmo
Welcome To The Show~ {Book Of Circ... by WolfyEmo
Amelia is a mysterious and strange girl in the circus act. She is quiet, shows no facial expression of her emotions, beautiful singer, and a dead serious person. Her par...
  • cielphantomhive
  • joker
  • beast
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A Little Birdie Told Me || Sebastian Michaelis by chanbaeol
A Little Birdie Told Me || Sebasti... by 🌺try again🌺
• c o m p l e t e d • While growing up, Camellia has mastered one thing: survive. In a world where committing crimes were more than common to keep you alive, the raven h...
  • circus
  • sebastianmichaelis
  • wattys2015
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