Sky Love  by MrsJeck
Sky Love by Frummi Jacobs
But his warning was unheard, the intoxicated insane man continued to eye the slightly rattled dancer until Sky felt the young woman's icy cold fingers touched his upper...
  • family
  • kathniel
  • love
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ANOTHER BYANCA by byancakalistha
[Based On True Story] "Abang udah jadi Tentara dek, abang tunggu kamu pake seragam Pramugari di Makrab tahun depan ya!" Kata-kata itu, memasuki tahun kedua ka...
  • tentara
  • mugari
  • akmil
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Unexpected Fantasy World (Male Reader X Harem) by war_gamer
Unexpected Fantasy World (Male Rea...by war_gamer
When we hear or read about a fantasy world, most of us visualize a world with beautiful landscapes, magic, fictional creatures, and adventures. But some fantasy worlds a...
  • anime
  • fiction
  • adventure
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IT'S YOU (GXG) by nottodaysataan
IT'S YOU (GXG)by nottodaysataan
Aku melihat kembali sepasang mata yang sangat aku rindukan
  • lgbt
  • lesbian
  • gxg
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A Tale of Two Astronauts by Surly_Snowshoe
A Tale of Two Astronautsby Surly_Snowshoe
SEP-010 was only the beginning for Jamie Cunningham. The mission was considered a success, but the cost was staggering to the agency and her own personal life. This is a...
  • aviation
  • spaceflight
  • nearfuture
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aviation - phan by dannyfire15
aviation - phanby ☆
in which phil lester has a long flight and has to sit next to a boy named dan howell.
  • wattys2017
  • youtuber
  • danhowell
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Aviation Photos |BeautifulMistakeJZZ| by BeautifulMistakeJZZ
Aviation Photos |BeautifulMistakeJ...by BeautifulMistakeJZZ
Aviation photos ✈️ Most from: Pinterest Info: Wikipedia
  • airline
  • aviation
  • aircraft
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My Propeller (Milex) by ToastedBuckwheat
My Propeller (Milex)by Toasted Buckwheat
Miles Kane, a WW2 veteran pilot, recalling his youth and love in the times of hatred.
  • mileskane
  • milex
  • sentimental
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Vaterland (Fatherland) by Shaen12341
Vaterland (Fatherland)by Shaen .
An American Pilot Shot Down Over Nazi Occupied France Needs to Escape Back to American Lines Without Being Caught.
  • pilot
  • flight
  • worldwar
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Flight 1917 by BaltoFan1925
Flight 1917by BaltoFan1925
A pilot is involved in a crash, and gets sent to a world he doesn't belong in. How will he deal with this, and finding out that he is connected to somebody who is consid...
  • zootopia
  • nick
  • wilde
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Aviation  by Parizaade
Aviation by `♡`
Kind of a real story with some modifications.A very complicated one sided love story.I hope you support me guys and hope you like it.
  • college
  • real
  • aviation
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Through Shettima's Eyes by Shetteemah
Through Shettima's Eyesby Shettima Kyari Ali
Something I've been through/going through and it so happens I have spare time to write down.
  • science
  • culture
  • sciencefiction
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History of Airbus (Completed) by SonicGamesSG396
History of Airbus (Completed)by Sonic Games
Airbus is an aeronautics company notorious for the A380 and the A350. It was founded on December 18, 1970. They came up with great ideas for aircraft, who knows what oth...
  • france
  • mc-donnel-douglas
  • airbus
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A short history of Aviation by TheArvinOng
A short history of Aviationby TheArvinOng
I am going to explain in this book the history of aviation in a short way. I hope you enjoy reading.
  • history
  • aviation
  • amazingstuff
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Hujan by itsnamiya
Hujanby Amalia
Hujan selalu mengguyur bumi saat mereka bertemu. Hujan tak pernah lepas dari mereka. Saat pertama kali Nadia menatap dua mata coklat itu, rintik air langit berlomba men...
  • flight
  • romance
  • hobi
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Is There Still Any Chance ?  by claravalensiaa
Is There Still Any Chance ? by claravalensiaa
" Tin .. tolong jangan benci sama gw .. maaf kalau gw udah bikin lo kecewa .. gw gak akan hadir dalam hidup lo lagi mulai sekarang .. gw akan pergi . " kata li...
  • aviation
  • remaja
  • romance
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