Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epoch by Ian D. Ghrist Action
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
Cipher, le lord démon d'Ustio [En Correction] by Nemesis777
Cipher, le lord démon d'Ustio [En... by Nemesis 777 Fanfiction
Vous allez découvrir sa vie pendant et avant la guerre du belka.J'écris ma première fanfic, portant sur l 'univers de ace combat, une série de jeu d'aviation se passant...
aviation // phan by dannyfire15
aviation // phan by brielle!! Fanfiction
in which phil lester has a long flight and has to sit next to a boy named dan howell.
My Blog by TKJPage
My Blog by K. J. Page Random
As the title suggests, this is my public journal/diary entries for people to read, and get a candid "fly on the wall" view of my life... Among funnies, complet...
Airship Stowaway by StephenWest5
Airship Stowaway by Stephen West Teen Fiction
This is a prequel to Airship City, but read that first as there are a couple of spoilers in this! When Joanna sneaks onto the battered old airship, she just wanted to fi...
The Teal Diamond  by Mekachi03
The Teal Diamond by Mekachi Sirean Fantasy
A group of teenage girls search for the Teal Diamond while fighting others who plan to get it. If in the wrong hands, the Teal Diamond could kill all of society. Join fo...
The Aviation Book by SuperElijah64
The Aviation Book by Elijah!!! Non-Fiction
This book is about airlines around the world from the past to now!!!
~ Aviation Management ~ by PatsyFan421
~ Aviation Management ~ by Brooklyn L. Smith Non-Fiction
Aviation Management notes from ISU; taken from Jeppesen textbooks, AOPA website.
A Tale of Two Astronauts by Surly_Snowshoe
A Tale of Two Astronauts by Surly_Snowshoe Science Fiction
SEP-010 was only the beginning for Jamie Cunningham. The mission was considered a success, but the cost was staggering to the agency and her own personal life. This is a...