Sky Love  by MrsJeck
Sky Love by Frummi Jacobs
But his warning was unheard, the intoxicated insane man continued to eye the slightly rattled dancer until Sky felt the young woman's icy cold fingers touched his upper...
  • kathrynbernardo
  • kathniel
  • romance
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Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epoch by Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
  • direction
  • dahjaat
  • delicious
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IT'S YOU (GXG) by nottodaysataan
IT'S YOU (GXG) by nottodaysataan
Aku melihat kembali sepasang mata yang sangat aku rindukan
  • lgbtq
  • university
  • gxg
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Aviation Photos |BeautifulMistakeJZZ| by BeautifulMistakeJZZ
Aviation Photos |BeautifulMistakeJ... by BeautifulMistakeJZZ
Aviation photos ✈️ Most from: Pinterest
  • photos
  • airplanes
  • aviation
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My Propeller (Milex) by ToastedBuckwheat
My Propeller (Milex) by Toasted Buckwheat
Miles Kane, a WW2 veteran pilot, recalling his youth and love in the times of hatred.
  • aviation
  • pilots
  • mileskane
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A Tale of Two Astronauts by Surly_Snowshoe
A Tale of Two Astronauts by Surly_Snowshoe
SEP-010 was only the beginning for Jamie Cunningham. The mission was considered a success, but the cost was staggering to the agency and her own personal life. This is a...
  • aviation
  • nearfuture
  • drama
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History of Airbus (Completed) by SonicGamesSG396
History of Airbus (Completed) by Sonic Games
Airbus is an aeronautics company notorious for the A380 and the A350. It was founded on December 18, 1970. They came up with great ideas for aircraft, who knows what oth...
  • boeing
  • airbus
  • fokker
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Aviation  by Parizaade
Aviation by Parineeti Fan
Kind of a real story with some modifications.A very complicated one sided love story.I hope you support me guys and hope you like it.
  • love
  • goals
  • college
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The Age of the Understatement| Aviation Prequel| by Augustineblues
The Age of the Understatement| Avi... by Augustineblues
[PREQUEL TO AVIATION] Alex Turner met Miles Kane on their first day of touring together. There was an instant connection between the two. A spark. A spark that would...
  • therascals
  • arcticmonkeys
  • prequel
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Skies of the Future by Jpenn517
Skies of the Future by Jpenn517
It's 2023 and the world is about to change wether it will be towards the free capitalist west or the communist authoritarian east only time will tell
  • singapore
  • fighter
  • rafale
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Aviation Stuff! by Kaila_Falcon
Aviation Stuff! by ~Ƙɑíӏɑ~
Quotes, Pictures, Facts, Videos and much more! If you're an aviation enthusiast, this is the book for you! Want to become a pilot? Well then start to read! Just bored...
  • future
  • planes
  • past
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~ Aviation Management ~ by MarineWife409
~ Aviation Management ~ by Brooklyn L. Smith
Aviation Management notes from ISU; taken from Jeppesen textbooks, AOPA website.
  • pilot
  • aviation
  • aeronautics
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Diary Seorang Penerbang by AlexanderGorgaa
Diary Seorang Penerbang by AlexanderGorgaa
Kisah tentang seorang Penerbang bernama Jaka, yang telah menjadi seorang penerbang selama 4 tahun di sebuah maskapai domestik. Namun terkadang ia suka melamun membayangk...
  • penerbangan
  • aviasi
  • aviation
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