Szajbuska ✅ - Tom.1  [KOREKTA] by Ovskaa
Szajbuska ✅ - Tom.1 [KOREKTA] by Ovska
Wyobraź sobie, że cierpisz na zaburzenie emocjonalne zwane Zespołem Clintida. Każdy dzień tygodnia oznacza inny nastrój, inne emocje i inne postrzeganie całej rzeczywist...
  • szkoła
  • życie
  • słabości
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Crossing Court by wheadee
Crossing Court by W H I T N E Y
There's always been a boundary between the north and south side of Stone Harbor - until now. Constant fights with the north siders at school keeps south sider eighteen-y...
  • social-classes
  • prejudice
  • outsider
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The Outsider ✓ by isavp123
The Outsider ✓ by Annie Walker
It all started with two fifteen-year-olds who met at the end of the Octoraro Creek river in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They were the complete opposites, Julianna...
  • amish
  • fanfiction
  • hannie
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MisFit by IzzzyP13
MisFit by Izzy Pulford
Skye lives an average teenage life. She goes to school, hangs out with her friends, longs to date cute boys. Although, something's different about Skye. Her troubled pas...
  • outsider
  • misfit
  • teenagers
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Letting It Out by Diana0Herz
Letting It Out by Diana
Vanessa is closed off to the world she's reckless ,ruthless ,and dangerous but so is Jax Shade, maybe even more. She has a hard time letting her emotions out but wi...
  • gangs
  • fighting
  • hate
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DragonFly by elalallalalala
DragonFly by Ela
DragonFly use to live the good life. She was popular and always happy, until one day the worse possible thing happened to her and she turned herself into a loner realizi...
  • friends
  • stopbullying
  • mystery
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The girl from the fire by Phoebstarry
The girl from the fire by Phoebe
Do you ever wish something dramatic would happen for a change? That is exactly how Catherine felt before she became known as 'The girl from the fire'. After losing lov...
  • guilt
  • burns
  • teenfiction
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Get With It by bored_outofmymind
Get With It by ✨emmy✨
Wesley Worman has gotten more than enough backlash from his older brother's rebellious actions. Bullying others, carelessness, and the constant beatings from his father...
  • siblings
  • greasers
  • coming-of-age
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Colors  | a Darry X Dally fanfiction | by Grimm_Greaser_250
Colors | a Darry X Dally fanficti... by Grimm_Greaser_250
"Everything is blue His pills, his hands, his jeans And now I'm covered in the colors pull apart at the seams And its blue And its blue " "Everything is...
  • johnny
  • socs
  • ponyboy
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Outsider (Story about Camp Halfblood) by oceanstars
Outsider (Story about Camp Halfblo... by Rachel
Mia Baine is fifteen years old and has already lost her best friend and cousin, a puppy, cat, and a duck, but more recently her her mother. And all of this was her doing...
  • heroes
  • hades
  • outsider
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Curtis's Cousin 2 by Babyfighit1234
Curtis's Cousin 2 by Sam
This is the second book of Curtis's Cousin. This is going to be when Darry, Dally, Two-Bit, and Steve comes back. But what happens when Steve gets badly hurt in war. Rea...
  • steve
  • hurt
  • outsider
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An Outsider All His Life by LiviSouthy
An Outsider All His Life by Livi.Southy
Oliver Southwell is only 18 years old. All his life, he's been an outsider. Oliver has never talked in his life due to being an outsider. When Oliver was kicked out of t...
  • homestuck
  • drama
  • gay
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VALERIE'S CHOICE  by val_e_7
VALERIE'S CHOICE by valerie.stories
Valerie is a clever girl, who is tutoring the bad boy Matt. Will she fall for him? Or maybe for her smoking hot teacher? (Contains mature themes and strong language.)
  • episodeinteravtive
  • gglbb
  • college
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My Wolf Story  by MaddieEthan
My Wolf Story by Girl With A Dream
A girl living in a town full a hateful people what she didn't know was that there was other werewolves living in the town with her. let alone she didn't know she was one...
  • alone
  • outsider
  • werewolf
Dallas (Dally) Winstons Little Sister by MissDallyWinston
Dallas (Dally) Winstons Little Sis... by Katelyn Schwartz
You have always been dally winston little kid sister by 2 years but he always been treating you like a baby you guys finally re-met again after 5 years of not seeing eac...
  • bestfriends
  • dallywinston
  • outsider
Lost in Mind by KatarinaTheGamer
Lost in Mind by Katarina
Do you often feel stuck in your imagination? Do you feel like you are more welcome inside your head and not outside the world? Are you anti-social? Do you have a person...
  • mind
  • lost
  • yourself
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Suicide Magnet - Zane x Reader by AsuRose
Suicide Magnet - Zane x Reader by Asuna Rose
Everywhere she goes, someone close to her dies. After one year of friendship, her best friend commit suicide. (Y/n) was heartbroken, but tried to carry on. Then, her bro...
  • fanfiction
  • romeave
  • zane
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Our Love is Fading (sequel to Love is in the air. Outsiders fanfiction) by Outsiders_forever102
Our Love is Fading (sequel to Love... by Outsiders_forever102
The seven girls are back right where we left off. Brynne is still in the hospital and is ready to start a relationship with Ponyboy after the struggles Emma, Johnny's t...
  • love
  • steve
  • darry
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The Deal. by briixze
The Deal. by Brii Speight
Kal thought life couldn't get any more hectic, that is, until she met Jax.
  • bad
  • badboy
  • drugs
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Indi by IvoryLlyn
Indi by Ivory
My name is India Scott, and this is my story. I hope someday this means something.
  • highschool
  • outsider
  • indiscott
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