Crossing Court by wheadee
Crossing Courtby W H I T N E Y
In Stone Harbor, there's the north side, and then there's the south side. Everyone knows there's always been a boundary - until now Constant fights with the north sider...
  • revenge
  • feud
  • civil
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hopeless. (holloway)✔️ by sprayberrybixch
hopeless. (holloway)✔️by writer in the dark
"i hope hopeless changes over time" **** In which a rebellious but kind Beacon Hills student recov...
  • boyxboy
  • beaconhills
  • outsider
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Johnny Cade x reader by mewmew224
Johnny Cade x readerby Izzy 😏
Don't judge me! I have obsessed with the book and movie. Plus He is one of my favorite person from the book, he is really old now though, lol...
  • cade
  • ponyboy
  • movies
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Dorm 34 | Justin Bieber (COMING SOON) by SodaMahone
Dorm 34 | Justin Bieber (COMING SO...by ندا☯
Loneliness was a feeling that captivated them both. From growing up in different homes, to blocking themselves off from the world they hated to live in. Justin Bieber i...
  • opposites
  • love
  • roomate
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stay gold•oldies gif series by idcaesthetic
stay gold•oldies gif seriesby 🌻™
80's and 90's gif series of imagines
  • 90s
  • macchio
  • gif
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Outsider (Story about Camp Halfblood) by oceanstars
Outsider (Story about Camp Halfblo...by Rachel
Mia Baine is fifteen years old and has already lost her best friend and cousin, a puppy, cat, and a duck, but more recently her her mother. And all of this was her doing...
  • willsolace
  • greek
  • camp
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The Little Wolf by EilidhRose
The Little Wolfby Eilidh
What if you owned an animal species that mimicked your soul, a "spirit animal" in reality? People of such abilities are called "Outsiders". Lyra is...
  • prophecy
  • jonsnow
  • winterfell
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Kopa and Vitani: true love lasts by Brietjeee
Kopa and Vitani: true love lastsby Brietjeee
This is the story of Kopa and Vitani, the way I see it. I don't own Disney, the lion king, the lion guard of any of the characters from those stories. Just this story an...
  • vitani
  • zira
  • outlands
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The Outsider ✓ by isavp123
The Outsider ✓by Annie Walker
It all started with two fifteen-year-olds who met at the end of the Octoraro Creek river in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They were the complete opposites, Julianna...
  • bratayley
  • outsider
  • haydensummerall
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Outsider - La guerra by __emmaswan
Outsider - La guerraby -Camille-
Luego de la muerte de Dumbledore, nuestros cuatro héroes de la historia seguirán intentando vencer al Señor Tenebroso. Pero... ¿Como harán para sobrellevar su relación D...
  • laguerra
  • harrypotter
  • voldemort
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προδοσία - Percy Jackson Betrayal by Hellcat11
προδοσία - Percy Jackson Betrayalby BossBookLady
A Villian's Guide to Completely Killing Percy Jackson Step 1: Find a good (or bad) cause, something that makes people hate him. Step 2: Start turning people against him...
  • treason
  • myth
  • annabethchase
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Life is Fair by MarionERaby
Life is Fairby Marion Raby
Five years ago, Nora divorced her cheating musician husband, Vincent, and she hasn't seen much of her dysfunctional family in exactly a year. She is perfectly happy bein...
  • religion
  • divorce
  • family
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Wonderwall • nct ten by delusionalpixie
Wonderwall • nct tenby z.
Jeno Wilde - American-born. Life is turned upside down when she moves to her parent's hometown, Seoul. There, she meets bullies and back-stabbers. 'Don't trust j...
  • nct
  • romance
  • boy
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Colors  | a Darry X Dally fanfiction | by Grimm_Greaser_250
Colors | a Darry X Dally fanficti...by Grimm_Greaser_250
"Everything is blue His pills, his hands, his jeans And now I'm covered in the colors pull apart at the seams And its blue And its blue " "Everything is...
  • johnny
  • ponyboy
  • soda
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Aphrodite's Consequences by Xoxo-Mine
Aphrodite's Consequencesby atticus
❝they used her, made her think they loved her, then they broke her.❞ in where a girl who's been used too many times, begins to pay the consequences of trusting...
  • freementalillness
  • anxietyattacks
  • lonely
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VALERIE'S CHOICE  by val_e_7
VALERIE'S CHOICE by valerie.stories
Valerie is a clever girl, who is tutoring the bad boy Matt. Will she fall for him? Or maybe for her smoking hot teacher? (Contains mature themes and strong language.)
  • boy
  • goodgirl
  • gglbb
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The New Girl On The Block by mmolitor06
The New Girl On The Blockby A Dead Meme Walking
Lexa Woods is new to Arcadia High, she is also new to the town. What will she do when she meets Clarke Griffin, the head cheerleader, and starts to fall for her?
  • love
  • clarke
  • lexa
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Into the Depths of Despair  by dobbythebiflamingo
Into the Depths of Despair by Lennie
"I sometimes find, and I am sure you know the feeling, that I simply have too many thoughts and memories crammed into my mind. At these times, I use the Pensieve. O...
  • unnoticed
  • time
  • love
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Outsiders One Shots (Requests Open) by kay12321kay
Outsiders One Shots (Requests Open)by Make me Dream of You
Ships based on the Outsiders characters, (Not outsiderXreader)(BOYXBOY)
  • two-bit
  • outsiderxoutsider
  • outsiderships
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Lost in Mind by KatarinaTheGamer
Lost in Mindby Katarina
Do you often feel stuck in your imagination? Do you feel like you are more welcome inside your head and not outside the world? Are you anti-social? Do you have a person...
  • outsider
  • imagination
  • yourself
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