Letters To The Girl Who Jumped by Xoxo-Mine
Letters To The Girl Who Jumped by o r a n g e Teen Fiction
*she's alive.* ❝Not every princess meets her prince charming in time. ❞ When Damaris Jones jumps off her towns highest bridge Friday, March 25 after leaving school, ever...
Rebel Girl by AmberLeeH13
Rebel Girl by Amber Teen Fiction
{Completed} Emerson isn't popular. She's also not a geek, or a jock, or a musical theatre kid, or emo, or any other social classification. Emerson just kind of exists in...
Rock God by eccentrix__
Rock God by ✨TAG, YOU'RE IT✨ Teen Fiction
RANKED #314 IN TEEN FICTION - September 2 2016 RANKED #315 IN TEEN FICTION - August 28 2016 RANKED #381 IN TEEN FICITION - August 24 2016 ❝ Nerds can play cupid too ❞ Or...
The Little Wolf by EilidhRose
The Little Wolf by Eilidh Fanfiction
What if you owned an animal species that mimicked your soul, a "spirit animal" in reality? People of such abilities are called "Outsiders". Lyra is...
Maybe Then... by treadlightlychild
Maybe Then... by Trinity Anne Frank Teen Fiction
Amelia Ingridson and her grandfather move hours away to live closer to family after he retires. With it being a new town that she's only known during holidays and spe...
Comfort In Dust  by Daisy_Pogue
Comfort In Dust by Daisy Paranormal
Halász Victoria has been an outsider in the town of Seven Devil's NC since birth. From the way she wears her clothes, to the way she style her hair singles her out. Sh...
With love, Moon by wishlover21
With love, Moon by ˗ˏˋ Cindy ˎˊ˗ Teen Fiction
he never intended to fall in love, but love must have managed to find him. [cover credits to @heartsick]
Brimstone (Book 1 of the Earth, Air, Fire and Water series.) by AlanSkinner
Brimstone (Book 1 of the Earth, Ai... by Alan Skinner Adventure
Brimstone was first published in 2010, in paperback and ebook, by the author under the imprint Sibling Press. The book has been well-received by both critics and readers...
The Scarred Rat by CheeseWritesStuff
The Scarred Rat by Cheese-san Fanfiction
REVENGE CHANGES EVERYTHING. Found and saved by an assassin named Daud, Serra takes refuge with him in his hideout along with several other assassins called whalers. But...
Suicide Magnet - Zane x Reader by AsuRose
Suicide Magnet - Zane x Reader by Asuna Rose Fanfiction
Everywhere she goes, someone close to her dies. After one year of friendship, her best friend commit suicide. (Y/n) was heartbroken, but tried to carry on. Then, her bro...
The Outsiders imagines/preferences by CarleighJasperson_
The Outsiders imagines/preferences by Carleigh Fanfiction
These are just random ones for the gang.
Hellboy Shadow Walker by pandagirlpeace101
Hellboy Shadow Walker by Panda Girl Fanfiction
Shade was just name people would call her, everywhere she went dark shadows would follow, she possessed unnatural powers causing the death of her own Father, no one coul...
The Journey I Would Never Regret // The Outsiders by AshleyKless
The Journey I Would Never Regret... by AshleyKless Fanfiction
DJ was living life to the fullest, she was in California living with her dad and her sister Cali. She has a past though, a past she won't forget with 7 best friends. Whe...
Colors  | a Darry X Dally fanfiction | by Grimm_Greaser_250
Colors | a Darry X Dally fanficti... by Grimm_Greaser_250 Fanfiction
"Everything is blue His pills, his hands, his jeans And now I'm covered in the colors pull apart at the seams And its blue And its blue " "Everything is...
Knox  by Dredge116
Knox by MissDredge General Fiction
Lauren Hughes is an event planner. Her parties usually attract the rich and famous people. During one of her events a guy shows up with guys surrounding him. He caught h...
The Outsider. [Madara Uchiha] by ElusiveShadow
The Outsider. [Madara Uchiha] by e l u s i v e Fanfiction
She knows of the Shinobi world, of the war they are finding themselves in. She knows he used to be a legendary Shinobi, knew he died, and knew that he was brought back t...
Until You Came by Xoxo-Mine
Until You Came by o r a n g e Short Story
❝Don't say I'm better off dead, because heavens full, and hell won't have me.❞ Jermiah Rosales is sick. Well more precisly, he's sick of being sick. He's sick of having...
Nobody's home by Stargazing65
Nobody's home by Stargazing65 Random
~Book inspired by Avril Lavigne's Nobody's Home~ Alma Hollins is a 17 year old orphan living in London. After her parents death, her life went completely downfall. Will...
Two-bit's sister (Outsiders fanfiction) by loony_loopy_lupin
Two-bit's sister (Outsiders fanfic... by None Ya Random
What happens when 16 year old Katelyn Matthews falls for a certain greaser. Stay tuned in Two-Bit's Sister.
outsider  ↯  peter parker x reader by bisexualbarry
outsider ↯ peter parker x reader by ˗ˏˋ sunshine ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
memories coming in spurts as I looked at my surroundings. I knew where I was and I knew what my name was. yet, I felt like an outsider in my own body. -- peter parker x...