Intertwined Fates (Transformers Fanfic)

Intertwined Fates (Transformers Fanfic)

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Minako Namikaze-Uzumaki By LunarStar2798 Updated Jun 22

*Under editing* You all know of Ratchet as the cranky Medical Officer of the Autobots. What you didn't know was that he once had a sparkmate and a sparkling. Star his sparkmate was the sister of Megatron making his sparkling LunarStar the niece of Megatron. 

Megatron killed Ratchets sparkmate. As a result Ratchet and the Autobots sent LunarStar off into the cosmos in hopes of her surviving the war. She landed in earth 16 years ago and was adopted by the Witwicky family. She never thought that'd she would see her father again. Nor did Ratchet.

I don't own Transformers T-T I wish I did.

I don't know who any of those people are and I have never heard of those songs
MadQueenMax MadQueenMax May 06
It's weird since my name is Luna and my little sister is named Jade....
MHEWHEHE IT IT SUPER AWESOME LIKE ME(my impersonation) and i loved it (internal fangirling mode = ACTIVATED)
SideswipesBrother SideswipesBrother Nov 29, 2015
No, he's fine. Ratchets fine, he's all happy like he didn't just lose his sparkmate.
                              *note sarcasm*
Killerhund Killerhund May 21, 2015
Wait how can she be humen/cybertonian When both her perents  ar cybertonian's
LunarStar2798 LunarStar2798 May 30, 2014
@NatiSantos I love them too. I kind of grew up to that kind of music