Calypso(A Transformers Bay-verse FanFiction)

Calypso(A Transformers Bay-verse FanFiction)

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Stephanie Las By stephanielas Updated Dec 26, 2017

Calypso is the oldest daughter of William Lennox. She hardly speaks and spends almost all her time studying/doing homework, reading, and inventing. She is sort of a loner, correction, she is a loner. She loves being left alone and loves doing her own thing. She likes silence. The quieter it is the better it is in her opinion. But when her dad is supposedly "killed" in an attack, her only friend Mikaela Banes(or Mimi) drags her to a 'meet-up' with some of her friends, which is were she meets Sam Witwicky. So...what happens? Why don't you read to find out?


Disclaimer-I don't own Transformers!!!!!!!!!!

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