The 'X'  ( a Karmagisa fanfic )

The 'X' ( a Karmagisa fanfic )

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Alice By AkitaKyoko Completed

What started as a tragic incident only got worse as one morning Nagisa was greeted with a deep golden yellow snake eye, the thin black slit replacing his left pupil mOcKinG his assassination abilities as the blunette stared in horror at the scales as azure as his remaining natural eye that had bloomed over his scars overnight. 

The two slashes on his back that now represented an 'X' had crossed out more than just his dreams and future from his bucket list. 

Will the rest of Nagisa's story be written in red ink from now on?  
Will his hands forever display a permanent crimson from now on? 

Karma hopes not. That should have been HIS burden. 


It can't be helped now.

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