Behind The Smile||Karmagisa

Behind The Smile||Karmagisa

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Keeping a low profile isn't the best option out there but, what choice does he have? After killing near 200 hundred people at such a young age, almost every taskforce in the entire nation is searching high and low for him. Being classified as a low-life, Nagisa's constantly bullied by the academically better--by tolerance. No one supported him, no one was there for him in his time of need which made him regret ever accepting bloodlust. Until one encounter, changed his whole perception. 

But, was it for the better or worse?

"Smiling conceals your true intentions"

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                              Wat u just said...
                              Yeah... No... Ok...
                              Ill leave now.
.......A very normal reaction towards the discovery of Nagisa's gender.
B*! I DARE YOU TO SAY THAT TO ME! *Brings out machine gun* B*!!!!!!!
Basically everyones reaction to finding out nagi-chan is male...
Yes yes no can kill you, cuz they'll all b dead by the time they get close enough.
                              I will murder ANYONE that hurt the blueberry cinnamon roll.🔪