Behind The Smile||Karmagisa

Behind The Smile||Karmagisa

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LyssaSafiyyah By LyssaSafiyyah Updated Nov 16, 2016

Keeping a low profile isn't the best option out there but, what choice does he have? After killing near 200 hundred people at such a young age, almost every taskforce in the entire nation is searching high and low for him. Being classified as a low-life, Nagisa's constantly bullied by the academically better--by tolerance. No one supported him, no one was there for him in his time of need which made him regret ever accepting bloodlust. Until one encounter, changed his whole perception. 

But, was it for the better or worse?

"Smiling conceals your true intentions"

DemonKit DemonKit Sep 25, 2016
hA what people would say to me at my school. If they actually noticed me
Sakura-hime Sakura-hime Sep 23, 2016
Don't you dare hurt him, you bitch. Death is merciful but that's why I will not give it to you... So I will torture you till you break instead! ~ that is if you dare hurt, Nagi-chan of course~
RealSquidInc RealSquidInc 5 days ago
Kuroko, for the last time, stop cosplaying as Nagisa and go make out with Kagami.
DerpyRosaAna DerpyRosaAna Oct 26, 2016
0 to 100 quick Karma, here calm down i have a poem for you.
                              Roses are red
                              Violets are prickly
                              Lets just say
                              That escalated quickly
DemonKit DemonKit Sep 25, 2016
..... Really Karma. You everyone hates guys like this *facepalm*
Sakura-hime Sakura-hime Sep 23, 2016
And that's his goal as long as he's alive. Maybe he's Kuroko.