[Karmagisa] To Date an Assassin

[Karmagisa] To Date an Assassin

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Life By IfLifeWasAGame Completed

Nagisa Shiota is now 25 years old.

He is a teacher of failures by day and a deadly assassin by night. 
He can not only conceal his presence but also make his presence very known because of what Bitch-sensei had taught him after graduating.

Soon, the class decides to visit their old classroom to see just how much everyone had changed over the past seven years after the death of their beloved Koro-sensei. But when Nagisa walks in, everyone is shocked. Why?

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haru_cheney1102 haru_cheney1102 Aug 08, 2017
The book hasn't even started yet I'm in love where this is going 😈😈😈
sxqxrglxsss sxqxrglxsss May 07, 2017
just saying, this 'Because he walks in, hand in hand with Karma at his side.' spoiled the whole story for me
Blue, huh? I guess when you can't be with that person ya still gotta choose their favorite color ya know...to feel like it's them. No? Okay, cool ;)
💀 oh lord, that second chapter title imma have to skip or call it quits
                              Just trying to stay innocent 🙈
FukuseishiEi FukuseishiEi Sep 11, 2017
Koro-sensei's famous quote! ^_^ (I miss you Koro-sensei... )
The wolf eats the prey
                              the cow its the hay
                              one of them's a killer
                              the other his buffet