Behind The Smile||Karmagisa

Behind The Smile||Karmagisa

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Lyssa By LyssaSafiyyah Completed

Keeping a low profile isn't the best option out there but, what choice does he have? After killing near 200 hundred people at such a young age, almost every taskforce in the entire nation is searching high and low for him. Being classified as a low-life, Nagisa's constantly bullied by the academically better--by tolerance. No one supported him, no one was there for him in his time of need which made him regret ever accepting bloodlust. Until one encounter, changed his whole perception. 

But, was it for the better or worse?

"Smiling conceals your true intentions"

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Nagisa_Shiota_3-E Nagisa_Shiota_3-E Jun 08, 2018
Hehehehe.... as a comment above said, 
                              Knifes are lovely....
ForgottenNoodle ForgottenNoodle Dec 23, 2018
*Whips out a fückïng chainsaw* OH BASSY YOU LOOK RATHER DASHINg
Loli2Moe Loli2Moe Aug 20, 2018
I have the tallent to Discover every person gender, i know that nagisa is a boy even since the 1 episode
MyLifeIsNowComplete MyLifeIsNowComplete Sep 28, 2018
Wakt so NAGISA IS A GUY?!!!
                              Jk. Lol, I found out since ep1, For all those fools who thought Nagisa was a girl, My friend who is new to anime even knew Nagisa was a guy. xd
fushojichara fushojichara Dec 17, 2018
•facepalms• •cringes• •listens to another karma x listener• I can't stop ಠ_ಠ
Psychotic_Writer Psychotic_Writer Oct 18, 2018
Is it wrong that my first thought was to prick your finger with it to test the sharpness.... like.... what the heck, it’s not like I hurt myself or anything, it’s just the first thing that came to mind?????