To Love Jeremy Lockhart ✔️

To Love Jeremy Lockhart ✔️

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With the intention of leaving the dark memories of that fateful night behind, Skylar Torres moves to another state. However, she ends up finding herself in more trouble when she starts off on a bad foot with the school's golden boy, Jeremy Lockhart. 

In the midst of this storm of chaos, people disappear and anonymous messages began blackmailing Skylar, threatening to reveal her past. Thus, she is forced to take a road trip to find out the mysterious person who keeps sending her messages. 

Joining her is none other than Jeremy who hides too many sinful secrets himself but yet he has his eyes on figuring what secrets hide behind her emerald orbs...

[ Previously known as ' It Starts With An Enemy ' ]

|| Winner Of Unknown Author Awards 2017 || 
#1 opposites attract 
#80 youngadult 

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