Inside The Lines

Inside The Lines

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HimAndEye By HimAndEye Updated Nov 15, 2019

Romee Jensen has always despised high school, she's kept behind her brothers shadow who protects her at all costs, prevents her from leaving the house without him and treats her as if she's and oblivious newborn child. But maybe it's her brother she should be running from...

After a night out, and endless amount of chaos seems to follow Romee. She learns the truth behind her brothers precautionary measures after his rivalry between a well-known bad boy circulate suspicion. 

Flynn Everest has always kept to himself, so why does Romee instantaneously want to know everything about him? Unfortunately for Romee, he wants nothing to do with her. 

Flynn's intentions could be deceiving or the best she's ever had while Romee's intentions could be deceitful and the worst he's ever had.