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Adopted By Creepypasta

Adopted By Creepypasta

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WHAT'S UP BUTTERCUP By TheFaeryKing Completed

Kaya Sins was adopted by a rich family at a young age. She's been causing trouble for the few years she was there, and after a secret between her and her adoptive father is revealed, she is returned to her orphanage. Believing that the orphanage itself is wrong, she burns it down and flees the scene.
  Soon after, she is invited- and is also threatened- to join the a group of killers known as Creepypasta.
  She agrees.
  This story was uploaded three years ago. It is constantly under editing. If you find a major grammar mistake, high lighting it will be helpful!
  Jeff the Killer,  Ben Drowned, Slenderman, Sally, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, and Smile.JPG do not belong to me  and can be found on the Creepypasta website, which you should know. Every other character belongs to me unless I state otherwise.

creepypasta--queen creepypasta--queen Nov 15, 2016
Can i ........maybe...murder him 
                               In the most painful way possible
Dream-Paste Dream-Paste Dec 24, 2016
Wait, is there like a mark like a check or even note that informs us a chapter had been edited?
the-abnormal-girl the-abnormal-girl Apr 17, 2016
Jesus Christ no one wastes their time applying lipstick all the time. Carly is worse than the school mean girl whôre.
DemonOrAngel1441 DemonOrAngel1441 Nov 01, 2016
I laughed out loud reading this and my little sister looked at me like I was possessed xD
I want to say that you are too relaxed, and mean a-
                              *gets a b!tch slap from the author-chan*
                              MERCY GOD PLEASE MERCY!
Roses are red
                              Cacti are prickly 
                              May I just say:
                              That escalated quickly!