Apophis: A Love Story for the End of the World

Apophis: A Love Story for the End of the World

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Eliza Lentzski By ElizaLentzski Completed

From a very young age, Samantha Poulsen knew she was different from other girls - the unrequited crush on her best friend, Andrea, was just the tip of the iceberg. But when the earth's temperature plummets, and you and your family are just looking to survive, things like finding a girlfriend or being in love become trivial fantasies. 

Scientists first spotted the asteroid in the year 2004. They named it 99942 Apophis after the deification of darkness. When the asteroid struck the planet, it set off a chain of events that few expected-the first Ice Age in nearly 12,500 years. Now, two years after Apophis's impact, survival is all that matters. But when Sam's family rescues a man and his daughter-a beautiful girl named Nora who reignites those banished, trivial emotions-Sam might be convinced that there's still a place for beauty in this new world.

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This is a super creative idea for a story! Your thought process is really deep and I love the concept!
We always get ads on our radio stations up in Saskatchewan to visit Williston...
pastrychild pastrychild Nov 24
I'm liking it so far! I like the somewhat objective tone of it so far, + the economic and scientific details - i feel it adds a sense of realism. :)
WolfieN65 WolfieN65 Apr 07
Um isnt a thicker atmosphere supposed to trap heat and cause global warming instead? Cuz carbon dioxide traps heat on the planet and the dust stuff apparently makes it thicker and all...
Tegan1311 Tegan1311 Mar 06
Isn't it so they can keep track of them since many of them circle us or our system?
MillieRed MillieRed Dec 14, 2016
Can  this be more perfect? I'm already addicted to this book and its the first time I'm reading it! You are an amazing writter.