The Queen's Wish

The Queen's Wish

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13 years ago, King Weald's greed for wealth and power took over his ability to think rationally. His army stole the lives of many innocent elves, killing those in favor of a bond between them and the bearish population. Further they went, bringing Tellurians and Nymphees to their knees, granting the King access to what was not his. 

Amariel Baelundlin, a servant and young elven woman, is King Weald's only daughter's worst enemy. She desires her head, yet Amariel is not in favor of Queen Tarellethiel's reign, nor her wish. When the Prince's path and hers cross, faith has bound them together. It's up to the two elves to either restore the bond between populations, or let their past decide the future of a deteriorating Kingdom.  

(New Chapters are being uploaded weekly, or at least I try to) - Fantasy

Cover art by Bente Schlick on DeviantArt

Her blanket is over her face, so until you tell us she pulled it down, we think she's seeing through the blanket.
This is good! I can feel the desperation in her life and the horrible situation the hbest man race has reached. It was like reading the Hunger Games, but better because I wasn't a huge fan of the Hunger Games.
I'd take out the path about the Bears, as you jump into the supernatural within the sentence.
You've said she put something somewhere before. Maybe she could set the bowl next to her dirty dishes?
I'd change this to: I woke up early today, so I can afford to do so slowly. 
                              Or something like that.