The Queen's Wish

The Queen's Wish

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Nausikaä By rosypaddington Updated Jan 08, 2018

Myth Nantar has become the living example of a city in a kingdom reigned by trauma and greed. Yet many elves, like Amariel Baelundlin, have never known differently. Driven by her thirst for blood and revenge, Tarellethiel Aleanrae, queen of the elven kingdom and daughter of King Weald, has set her eye on Amariel. She wishes her head as an apology for breaking the rules. One does not simply retain relationships with polar bears, or any other creature for that matter, in the midst of a silent war between populations. When Amariel and Prince Taurvantian's paths cross, and they each find out Tarellethiel has developed a thirst for war, faith has bound them together. It's up to the two elves to either restore the bond between populations or let their past decide the future of a deteriorating kingdom.


"Her blood streamed like silk, red drops on the blindingly white snow, quieting the world around them, as if nothing else had ever existed."

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