Opposites Attract  (CS AU)

Opposites Attract (CS AU)

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Killian Jones, 16, is the new foreign exchange student from Ireland at Storybrooke High. (Unlike the Hook in OUAT we all know and love, in this story Killian is a shy and adorable dork.) Emma, 16, has been living with her foster mother, Ingrid, in Storybrooke for the past few years. She is one of the most popular girls in school, every guy in the school wants her, but she doesn't reciprocate. That is until she meets Killian.

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Screw off sir she was protecting. HER man 😡😡😡😡 @Roseyposey310 your comment got  reported on my 18th birthday. But what even funny is the fact that this is your book and  you the AUTHOR got reported 😂😂😂
ouat_jackie_23 ouat_jackie_23 Sep 10, 2017
Colin is 5'11.....sorry im to obsessed with him and had to correct it. No ooffense😂
Hookedonapirate Hookedonapirate Sep 23, 2017
😢😢😢I hope that Emma and Elsa will end up being friends. I couldn't imagine Elsa as the bitch but maybe she'll change?
What the actually. Hell. This dude is so stupid like why 🙄😡
ToMuchFandomsToCount ToMuchFandomsToCount Dec 09, 2017
First time
                              I'm usually so busy in school and sports and fundraising for chairities and junk in never really get a chance to go on wattpad anymore
Hookedonapirate Hookedonapirate Sep 23, 2017
I started this a while ago and never finished it, so I'm starting at the beginning again 😊