Loving You Through It All

Loving You Through It All

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They were given a choice.

One child had been born perfectly healthy. One child had been born with their umbilical cord wrapped around their throat. One was a boy. One was a girl.

They chose the boy.

They chose him because he was stronger, had more chakra, and would never become weak from childbirth and allow the nine-tailed fox to escape again.

They chose Naruto.

His sister, Akane, was spared the burden of the Kyūbi, but her health was a different story. She had heart damage and low chakra. Her life was going to be hospital beds and operating rooms.

He wasn't neglected by his parents out of hate or anger, but out of ignorance and stress.

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Yeeeesh.. Poor girl, that must suck. Diabetes is a pain in the arse.
Hey that's one of my favorite quotes along with another that's very similar
- - Sep 23, 2016
Plz update this book is awesome and this last chapter almost had me in tears from the story Minato told. Plz continue this book!