The New Girl(August Alsina Fan Fiction)

The New Girl(August Alsina Fan Fiction)

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Dezii_Dezii By Dezii_Dezii Updated Oct 22, 2016

As Aliyah struggles, she meets a fine man who makes her feel something she never felt before.She just lost her parents in a car accident.Therefore, She moved miles and miles away to New Orleans due to the fact she has no other family . She is Caught in a plight she never would sew herself in. She feels her life is so incomplete! She considers something real horrible. She goes to collage and begin to live what she thought her life should be like. A fun loving faithful collage life u ntil a heartbreaking situation brings her back down. Will she ever get better and move past it? Will she ever live on? Will Aliyah find something so natural, true, and real again? All these questions are left to be unanswered-until
  you read my book.

This is my first book ever! Well second but first I'm going viral with.... I'm so happy! Please support me thru thick and thin babes❤ I promise a great book! 




Add ta ya library and ENJOY!


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Dezii_Dezii Dezii_Dezii Oct 15, 2016
Thanks For Commenting I really appreciate it a whole lot😊and you from Cleveland??
JaeeeeWrites JaeeeeWrites Jan 14, 2017
August is my boyfriend😘💙 Jacquees is my husband💍😍😘😍😍😍😍💓💚💛💙😜😜😝💧💦💦💦💦💦👅
                              Ya so liyah better fall back
Dalandria Dalandria Nov 25, 2016
I'm just tryna get to know ya get a little closer maybe post up ooh do you mind
Luvlibri Luvlibri Dec 22, 2016
Tryna know what that pussy gonna be like. Nigga think he slick
KeiyanaBowman KeiyanaBowman Oct 20, 2016
Longer and no I don't think she a thot she just trynna get to know people there
couurts couurts Nov 09, 2016
December 15th 😛 imma be 13 😛⛽ buut we should be friends