I Have A Crush On You?

I Have A Crush On You?

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prehaaaa By preha123 Updated Jan 30

15 June, 2015 : 6pm
I logged into my Facebook account. I was sitting in front of the computer since last 1 hour thinking about it but I finally logged in and the first thing I saw was the notification bar to see if I had any and yes I did. I clicked on it. 

Austin Jones accepted your friend request write on his timeline. 

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! He accepted my request omfg but we don't even know each other. Okay go smooth it's okay. 
I saw if he is online and he was and my fingers were hovering over the keyboard dying to type something. 

'Yellows' I hit the enter button and that's when I realised what the hell did I just sent him. Who the fuck says yellows, great now he is going to think I'm some kind of freak an- DING! 

'Oranges?' He replied.

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Yes, Ayo, my name is Hannah! Except, I'm not really a dare devil, but my mom thinks I am at points. So, I guess she's sorta like me. 😂
ClarkCodoy8 ClarkCodoy8 Jan 26
Its great Ive discovered... few idead on making my own.. thanks
Hey, give Monday a break. It's not her fault the school system gave her a bad name.
mrs_schistad mrs_schistad Dec 26, 2016
The first sentence made me laugh so hard you don't even understand
Why does everyone use the name Austin Jones there is like a fake profile on fb
bluedemigod823 bluedemigod823 Oct 26, 2016
LOL I don't like the book just bc Tessa is so quick to forgive I MEAN THE THINGS HARRY DID AND THEY FIX IT WITH S E X nahhh just no pls lol hahaha I respect your opinion tho