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Tom Holland Imagines

Tom Holland Imagines

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<3 By cutie-holland Updated Mar 16

Imagines about Tom Holland and some characters he has played.<3

Requests are open! Only Y/n ones though!❤

millythack millythack 5 days ago
I have dissected a goats heart and lungs, a cows eye and a chickens leg
I didn't dissect it bc no but my parter in science did it for us, it was a heart. You
Ill have to disect a pig fetus for biology this year but she might just have us do it virtually
Honey I'm an animal surgeon in training. I've dissected a cows uterus a pig fetus a heart worm from a dog pig cat and human. And I've got my hand on a fish's reproductive organs and I got to help out with a brain surgery on a horse
I watch surgeries and peoples pimples being popped. I think I'm good
MadiMadiMoo MadiMadiMoo Feb 26
I had to dissect a rat once with my friend. We had a choice of: rat, pig/ sheep hearts, or pig/sheep lungs, hearts and all that stuff all connected