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That Teacher (Wattys2016)

That Teacher (Wattys2016)

176K Reads 3.5K Votes 36 Part Story
Rose D. By LoveFaze Completed

I looked into Max's eyes, how they shone like the lights of a big city, blue and crisp like the ocean. They seemed genuinely happy so why does he beat me? If he loved me, why did he smack me around like a punching bag. I was his girlfriend! His one and only, so why did he hurt not only my body but also my heart?
  Lilith has troubles trying to deal with an alcoholic for a boyfriend and the bullying of her fellow classmates. The only highlight in her lonely life seems to be her English Teacher, her only friend.
  *Disclaimer: I've decided to wait until it's completed to edit it but it is definitely legible.  :)
  All Rights Reserved Copyrighted  ® Rosederline Dorival

belieberreadsx belieberreadsx May 19, 2016
This is like my mum and dad. She gets beaten up by him but she's so brain washed....
vanessa505 vanessa505 Nov 24, 2016
Uh 👎
                              Just know that Mr.Mason is always one feet away and one classroom away 😍😍😍
doritodolans doritodolans May 19, 2016
If I found out my friend was in an abusive relationship I would tell them that they need to get out of it and if they said no I would tell them what could happen I wouldn't just leave them
Captain_Lebanon Captain_Lebanon Jul 28, 2016
This is horrible. It's like tearing My heart in two different directions because she should leave him but when he's sober he's amazing and when he's not he's an abusive maniac.
iamCRAZYlikethat iamCRAZYlikethat Aug 28, 2016
Gross. If you really loved her you wouldn't even look at alcohol.
doritodolans doritodolans May 19, 2016
If he really cared about her he would get drunk knowing what he does