Teach Me How To Love

Teach Me How To Love

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Brookie Rae By Hopeless_Dreamer98 Completed

"Caleb..." I whispered, pushing him back slightly. "I can't do this." A tear escaped my eyes and I looked down. "I don't even know what love is, how can you expect me to love you?" I didn't want to hurt him... 

Caleb sighed, grabbing my chin and forcing me to face him. 

"Love is falling." He said. "Love is falling and not being afraid to hit the ground because you know someone will always be there to catch you." He stroked my cheek gently. "Let me catch you, Bella." He whispered before crashing his lips to mine. 

Isabella Taylor~ Nineteen & a single mom afraid to trust anyone. 

Caleb Connell~ Twenty six & a college professor that can't get Isabella out of his head. 

When Caleb moves in with Bella things get awkward. 
When the two find out Caleb is Bella's college professor things get even more awkward.  

But what happens when Bella breaks down her walls and let's Caleb in? 

Will she put her walls back up? Or will Caleb teach her how to love...?

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Nomiea Nomiea Nov 15, 2017
My parents freaked when I told them the same thing in 1st grade
Mingirik24 Mingirik24 May 18, 2017
Butterflies!!! I have butterflies in my study room, bedroom and hallway...
Koekoue Koekoue Oct 01, 2016
DANM gurlfriend teach meh how to get a guy lol! I don't NEED A GUY