Secrets of a Woman (Student/Teacher)

Secrets of a Woman (Student/Teacher)

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Secrets of A Woman (Sequel of Secrets of a School Girl)

Kristine Winchester believed that life was perfect, she has two beautiful kids and her fiance. Finally, her abusive father was put in jail after years of abuse and scarring of Kristine when he kidnapped her and attacked her. Finally, she can live a some what normal life. Until her past comes to haunt her.

When someone from Kristine's past comes after her, she instantly hides herself away from Tyler Brolin in fear of him getting hurt this time around, but a stubborn Tyler does everything he can to break down the walls not only as her fiance but as her teacher. Is he going to be able to save her or is her past too broken to put back together. Especially now when Kristine is holding more secrets than ever before. Find out in Secrets of A Woman, sequel to Secrets of A School Girl.

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sissa_33 sissa_33 May 07, 2015
@ElizabethAlisaDossou she missed so much school that she couldn't make everything up that she needed to in order for her to graduate
CNS1255 CNS1255 Apr 06, 2015
@ElizabethAlisaDossou she could have  a late birthday that makes her older or she could of been heald Bach a grade
jesskiddin jesskiddin Nov 25, 2014
@BriannaCandy omg me too I started reading and I was like... Oh. My. Gosh. and then ba bam!!! lol
ElizabethAlisaDossou ElizabethAlisaDossou Sep 26, 2014
Why is she still in high school? Ugh I thought we passed the whole school phase. Wasn't she 4 months to being 18 in the last book? I'm confused 
gottobelieve11 gottobelieve11 Jun 29, 2014
Ohhh this is it, I just somehow saw it now sorry for the comment on the other book :) but I really love your stories :)
BriannaCandy BriannaCandy Dec 29, 2012
oh god, almost freaked me out in the beggining girl! i thought that Tyler actually died and her dad got out of jail :( but i love it so far!!!! always will girly pm me!