Bubble Gum Boy [BTS Taehyung Fic] [Completed]

Bubble Gum Boy [BTS Taehyung Fic] [Completed]

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Park Yoon Hee's POV:

"Uh period?"

A deep voice from my left asked me in a seductive tone. I gulped in fear and looked at the left slowly. Then it turned to be... 

That bubble gum guy. 

He plopped the bubble and chewed it while looking at me, top to bottom leaning his back against the shelf. He was... so sexy in that pose I must say arghhh .

I couldn't do anything but to look back at the shelf. Blushing. 

"Looking for the best product?" He asked coming a bit closer to me. I felt blood was coming rushing to my ears as I heard what he said. 

"No-no I was looking for baby diapers"

I said trying to make a confident voice looking at him with rounded eyes.Then I quickly moved from there. 

"Oh really? Then you have met the right person here"

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taesamin667 taesamin667 Jun 22
Literally my situation now. AND WHY DO THEY KEEP CHANGING THEIR COLORS? OK CALM DOWN ME. Should  not jump into conclusions till their teaser drops.
OliviaHine01 OliviaHine01 Aug 23, 2016
Please write more I want to see if the girl and the bubble gum guy get together after the run in, but its a really great start. I love it
Qushu-Shaze Qushu-Shaze Nov 19, 2016
Nice mal....I love the story...💕go ahead...fighting 💪💪💪
Helari9619 Helari9619 Aug 26, 2016
                              A great start.. ❤❤ 
                              🌟🌟🌟🌟 🌟
KJay_Author KJay_Author Aug 25, 2016
Lol he sure was. I woukd be standing there staring st him from top to bottom. I would be the alien not him. Hahahaha
Fluffy_Minpup Fluffy_Minpup Aug 23, 2016
Awww... No problem darling, I'm always here to help you. 
                              Btw too sweet chapter 😉