His Luna (HumanxWolf)

His Luna (HumanxWolf)

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"A wolf will be born so in time, 
        To be mated to a woman who will be a human- 
          The human who can be a boon or a bane- 
        She will either bring the entire wolf race together
      Or tear all the ties between them apart."       
      It was a chaotic and gory war-- there was horrendous wailing and howling and shouting. The place seemed scarlet by how much blood was spilt. Amongst it all, there was a woman--a human, bleeding and falling limp in the midst of the battlefield of the Weres as she appeared dead. Her body was just about to hit the ground when she caught the attention of her Alpha mate who rushed to his one true love and shifted back to his human form, and let out a gut wrenching howl holding his now unmoving mate in his arms. 
      How will their lives turn out when destiny brings together an egoistic, arrogant, possessive, not to mention, extremely sexy Alpha Wolf, Christian King and a headstrong and equally proud woman, Tiara Summers who has a  haunting past she's trying to run away from? 
      Warning: Contains adult content, terrible puns and personal input in some chapters. And also, heck lot of drama.( ˘ ³˘)❤  \(≧∇≦)/
    A/N:- This is a work of draft and contains typos and grammatical errors. I will come back to it and correct them all once I've completed the story. The first few chapters of the story are shitty, but I promise, the story and writing gets better with the chapters! 
    Do NOT promote your works on my story. That is very rude and disrespectful. Those comments will be deleted as soon as I see them. 

Cover_credit:- @A_BookieMonster

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SadaCujo SadaCujo Oct 24
Are the italics always going to be on?  I just need to know because it is slightly difficult for me to read...
How the hell is he about to walk out and tell me to wait for him???? Especially if a greek god look guy comes along huh?
You’ll never be alone
                              I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn 
                              I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
                              Baby I’m right here
legender16 legender16 Oct 20
Wait for YOU? Um how about no cuz like she's a girl she ain't gonna wait we over dramatic af if anything she's gonna go home cry, eat a tub of ice cream, watch Netflix, and if her life's going really bad she gets some Nutella.  BOY YOU WILL LITERALLY BE REPLACED BY NUTELLA
cakavanaugh cakavanaugh Oct 18
People who can remember their page numbers without bookmarks are literal gods so please correct the title to GodXWerewolf
Ideally she should move on ..but when you really love someone it's very hard to crush that tiny hope that he'll return if you wait longer...atleast for me it was!