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His Luna

His Luna

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Neha. By Neha_Darcy Updated 5 days ago

"Didn't I tell you I don't want him around you?" he whispered lowly. 
    "It was just a friendly encounter!"she sighed exasperatedly. 
    "I don't care," he stepped closer to her. "I don't like him. He wants you." His hands went around her back and pulled her zipper down, making her beautiful, strapless dress pool around her feet.
    "What the fu-" he slammed his lips on hers as his mouth assaulted hers in the most pleasurable way. 
    He walked backwards and sat on the bed, still not breaking away from the heated, angry open mouthed kiss and pulled her down across his knees. 
    "I'm gonna show you just who this sexy, little body belongs to."
    He ripped her panties and spanked her. A sharp sound resonated in the room followed by a shooting pain that ran through her body. 
    He continued slapping her bum and her angry threats soon turned to moans and pleas for more. 
    He groaned and flipped her over. In a flashing moment, his pants and boxers were gone and he started pounding into her with an unforgivable pace showing her that she belonged to him and only him. 
    How will their lives turn out when destiny brings together an egoistic, arrogant, possessive, - not to mention - extremely sexy Christian King and an independent, headstrong, equally proud Tiara Summers? 
    Oh, and to make the matters worse, he also doesn't reveal to her that he is a werewolf - an Alpha at that and they are actually mates!
     #9 in Werewolf
    (omg i love you guys xxx)
  P.S. Sorry about any grammatical/ spelling errors and typos in the story. I'll correct them all once I have completed writing this story. Please note this is a rough draft work.

nazzy225 nazzy225 3 days ago
First chapter and I'm already in love with your story amazing
mommapunkin mommapunkin 5 days ago
Probably!!! If he's a smart man he would have wrote "I will" instead of probably....