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They Call Me Lunatic

They Call Me Lunatic

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Nikola By self-absorbed Completed

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What if you grew up your whole life thinking you were human? What if you lived your entire life thinking you were just an insane child that no one wanted?  One day, you were just dropped off at an orphanage with not a bit of information about you, but a code tattooed to your collarbone. What exactly does that make of you? 

Something a little crazy, that's for sure. 

Between the voices in her head and the constant murderous thoughts, it didn't surprise Arden that she was moved from an orphanage to a mental hospital at just thirteen. Four years of imprisonment with some of America's most insane, getting out was like a breath of fresh air. That is until she gets caught up with a pack of wolves who's main goal in life is to kill anyone around them. 

It just so happens that the only thing that keeps Arden from having an extremely short-lived freedom is the interest the alpha shows toward her seeing as they are destined for one another. Growing up for Kieran, the alpha, wasn't exactly a walk in the park either, though. Being taught all his life never to grow attached and tear apart anyone who tested him, isn't exactly helpful in the situation of having a mate. 

Poor Arden, having to learn to love someone more feral than the most savage of rogues and slightly more insane than herself. Not to mention, the never-ending battle between pack-wolves and shredders never quite giving any of them a break. 

         sequel to: The Alpha Calls Me Kitten
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I literally googled greyson hayes and i found out that he actually an alpha from the first book .
mommawolff mommawolff Mar 09
HER wolf but HER not knowing what she is made her and everyone else think she's mentally ill
Lag031999 Lag031999 Feb 21
Teen nage mutant ninja turtles 🐢 teenage mutant ninja turtles, turtles in a half shell , 🐢 turtle power💥
weeksjmj29 weeksjmj29 Mar 07
Oh Tyler? Where ya at Tyler? We know you're there.;) Loool :)
lilactay lilactay Nov 13, 2016
Grey eyes, shredder, riley, she has to be greys child cause the tattoo on her shoulder(😏) has go so it could be grey hayes or greyson hayes
reincurlnation_ reincurlnation_ Dec 29, 2016
I can't wait to find your gotta be related to greyson