How it happened.

How it happened.

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Megan ♦ By Nickymb Completed

She was trying to get away. He was searching for something he didn’t even know he wanted. Together, they realize there’s more to life than first love. 

Brooke has her life all figured out. As long as she gets in trouble, keeps people at distance, and act like you don’t care,  no one can leave you in the end. But when one incident is one too far, she is forced to attend Star, a place where only the worse go. 

Forced into a school she doesn’t was to be at, and with an aunt who reminds who of the mother she never had, she knows life can only get worse. That’s until Tucker Jones invades everything she has been working hard to forget. 

Tucker is the guy every girl dreams of  not meeting. Blunt, sarcastic,and  down right rebellious, he’s the kind of guy you steer clear of. But all it takes is one chance meeting, one look, and Brooke  willing to bet, play, and win anything this self proclaimed 'bad' boy throws at her. 

Friends, love, hope, lost and loyalty, tells the story of one girl who loses herself and then somehow finds her way back

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urmighosh12 urmighosh12 Nov 07, 2017
I said a boy that I like you but he don't reply me what will I do
kacimariiie kacimariiie Jan 05, 2018
I got expelled  for that lmfaoo I had to do 60 hours community service in order to be let back in
-NoFilter- -NoFilter- Jul 06, 2016
i used to be some one im not... but then i realized that im not trying to please anyone so now i do me ! best decision ever
Marshymal Marshymal Aug 05, 2016
It's Expelled not suspended like you guys think. Just like he said. He said 'Would of' key word, would. He thought of it but never went through with it, five times already. That's why he says, "This would of been your fifth time getting expelled."
forgotten_storyline forgotten_storyline Jul 16, 2016
So spongebob, i even read it with the guys voice in ma brain...I LOVE ITT
smelly_cat4 smelly_cat4 May 03, 2016
Once i was seven years old my momma told me make yourself some friends or you'll be lonely. Once i was seven years old.