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The New Girl And The Bad Boy

The New Girl And The Bad Boy

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forever_Jen_ By forever_Jen_ Completed

Avery Hunter was a normal popular girl. She is loved by all of her friends and she is really pretty. But one day she has to drop everything and move to Portland to help her mom take care of her sick grandmother. A new school, house, friends and on top of all that, the bad boy is after her. 

Insert Toby Halloway, the schools bad boy. All he cares about are girls, girls and more girls. He constantly gets in trouble and into fights. That is until one day he sees the new girl Avery standing in the middle of the hallway looking lost. He takes an interest in her but she has heard about him and she only wants to be friends. 

Can Toby convince Avery that he's not just trouble? Or will Avery compleatly ignore Toby's existence?

Join Avery and Toby in their adventures in The New Girl And The Bad Boy

So let me ger this straight, you just moved into this house and theres already a bed with the mattress, sheets and comforters set out? Not to mention the pillows...
AkiyahM AkiyahM Apr 30
I hate when all of the books I read say 'Well,  I'm not most girls' it just gets on my nerves sometimes
ccookkiie ccookkiie Jan 09
First off he is an amazing singer he just breaks to many hearts
TheWriterFromBeyond TheWriterFromBeyond Aug 15, 2016
But if tori and ty date. Then Toby and Avery can't. Cause incest.
Emilyyy102 Emilyyy102 Sep 10, 2016
.... Well at least he wasn't normal and thought he was a super hero
KaseyT3 KaseyT3 Jun 13, 2016
I can just imagine Sheldon from Big Bang theory going "I'm batman"😂😂😂