The New Girl And The Bad Boy (#Wattys2016)

The New Girl And The Bad Boy (#Wattys2016)

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Avery Hunter was a normal popular girl. She is loved by all of her friends and she is really pretty. But one day she has to drop everything and move to Portland to help her mom take care of her sick grandmother. A new school, house, friends and on top of all that, the bad boy is after her. 

Insert Toby Halloway, the schools bad boy. All he cares about are girls, girls and more girls. He constantly gets in trouble and into fights. That is until one day he sees the new girl Avery standing in the middle of the hallway looking lost. He takes an interest in her but she has heard about him and she only wants to be friends. 

Can Toby convince Avery that he's not just trouble? Or will Avery compleatly ignore Toby's existence?

Join Avery and Toby in their adventures in The New Girl And The Bad Boy

ChleoJustMe ChleoJustMe Nov 15
Ahahahahhahah... when you're a belieber wich i am.... and you just want to beat the crap out of her... but people have different opinions so yahh
KaseyT3 KaseyT3 Jun 13
Exactly how I feel about Bustin Jeiber. Oops sorry spelled his name wrong😂😂. Don't hate me
thekrazykat thekrazykat Jul 04
you've known him for five minutes I don't think you know that much about him
The beibs lol my dad called me that for a year because of my year book picture the lady combed my hair like his and my dad wouldent stop making fun of me
rileyfor1D rileyfor1D Nov 04
I feel like, ever since Jelena broke up, Selena has been doing better.. Except for the disease and Skylar. *prayers for the hero*
ritaxx12345 ritaxx12345 Nov 06
Avery you say anything else against him and the whole wattpad belieber squad gets into a fight against you who's in