How it happened.

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Before you read:

This is my first book I ever officially put on Wattpad. Since then I have some what approved, I hope, and all that Jaz.

But, I will admit, I have lost some of the elements that make this story in my other ones. This one holds all kind of things, from humor , to sadness, to love, to forgiveness. Hopefully you like it and enjoy it along the way!

Okay, now to the Need to know :

This is horribly unedited at the moment. BADLY. It is currently getting fixed, and If you look at the top of chapters it should say which ones are edited and which ones are not. If you want to back away now, you can, but you can continue and enjoy a good story! (;

Oh, also, some scenes will be for a more mature audience, It will be within the PG-13 guidelines, don't worry, but if you are young and want to be a total ... Bad ass, then move on! ;p

Anyways, this is it, and I hope you enjoy!

PS: I have to give a shout out to the girl who is editing this, AmandaAngulo, you should go fan her to show her how awesome it is to be editing my horribly edited book! (:

- NickyMb <3

** Edited **


My Mom left without saying a single word to me.

 Maybe she didn´t want to face the eager child behind the blank door, or maybe she did it so she didn’t have to justify her actions.

Maybe she left without saying good-bye because she couldn’t stand to look at me one more second. I will never know any of this because the fact is: I am not her. 

I stood on the cold tiled floor waiting for her to come back. I clutched my bear and cuddled my face in its fur.

It smelled like lemons and her. I looked out the open door, watching behind the shade of dark as she packed her things into a car.

 She didn’t know I was watching her at that exact moment. Would she have stopped if she saw me? Or would she have just given me a sad look that would help me feel better? 

I wanted to reach out, touch her warm hand and guide her back to the life she was leaving behind.

 I started to blink the tears out of my eyes as I watched her slam her door. She stood outside for a moment and the littlest of hope ignited in my small stomach .

Was she coming back? Was she really staying? Did she finally realize how much I loved her?   

My seven year old mind didn’t understand. Why would a mother just walk without a second glance? But she did.

She looked back up at the house as if it was some monster there to steal her away into the night. She didn’t even notice that the door was wide open.

 My eyelashes were wet as they hit my cheek. My throat was raw and I held so hard onto my teddy bear that I thought I might bust its head off.

I was cold and my hair was shielding me from the moonlight. My seven year old eyes watch as my flesh and blood, my hero, my everything, stepped into her car and sped off.   

 I couldn’t believe she left me.

 Holding tight onto my bear, I raced out of the door. My pajama pants were longer than my legs, so my feet wrapped around the material. My feet hit the cold ground with thumps as I try to race the car.  

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