How a Bad Boy apologizes

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Tucker Jones .      

                            The frustrating , Idiotic Tucker Jonse.

 The disgusting, cheating Tucker Jones  
                                      * Sigh *
        the  Tucker Jones

                            is standing outside my window.

When I first heard the ping on my window, I thought it was a bird or some kind of animal.
   But , When I heard it three more times and heard someone whisper ‘ Brooke ‘ In a low voice, I knew someone was out there.
    I walked to my one window , peaked out, and saw the Devil Himself.

   Tucker was standing outside with a handful of pebbles and behind him I could see his car.
   Im guessing he didn’t drive here at 1 o’clock in the morning just to say hi.
I drop the curtain and press my back against the wall.

    It has been three days since I’ve been in jail and Four since I’ve talked to Tucker.
  Apparently while I was in the slammer, the Police got hold of my Aunt,  who was not happy. At all .

  I can honestly say that I have never been yelled or lectured that much in my life.  there was no point in explaining why I was in there, because honestly it was beyond stupid.
   My Aunt told me that she wasn’t going to call my father, that , that was going to be my responsibility.

I have yet to contact him. I know im going to be in trouble and I know he is going to be pissed, but It is what it is.

Now, Tucker. When I went to school on Monday, my epic arrest was everywhere. Everyone knew I was in jail , but noone knew why. Sky , of course , Ripped me a new one when I told her why I was in there, and I was to amused to listen to anything she was saying.

Like I said, I’ve never had someone care about what happened to me before, so it made me realize how much I did care For Sky.

I can say Tucker had been avoiding me , but that’s not true. It’s more like I was avoiding him . Every class we have together , I’ve been getting in right when the late bell rings and racing out when ever the bell rings to dismiss us. Whenever I saw him in the halls or anywhere else , I would hide in the bathroom or try my hardest not to be seen by him .

And out of the two days I’ve been avoiding him, lets just say , trying to avoid someone is not easy work.

Another Ping brings me out of my thoughts. I let out my breath and decide to just go for it. I move my curtains out the way and unlock and lift my window. I lean out and Tucker is a little further away then I predicted.  He sees me but he doesn’t even break into a smile.

  ‘ What are you doing ! ‘I fiercely Whisper out to him . He drops the Pebbles and Looks up at me.

  ‘ Come Out . ‘ he just looks at me. No Smile , No movement , not teasing, no nothing. I look behind me and I wondered if My Aunt would be pissed at me being outside this late with Tucker.

I sighed. ‘ Can’t we do this tomorrow ? ‘

   ’ Either you come out that window, or im coming in. ‘ his Jaw is set tight and My Jaw tightens too.

‘ you wouldn’t dare ! ‘ he looks at me for a moment and actually starts to walk to my window.

‘ Okay , Okay! Im coming . ‘ I slam the window down. Im a girl who hates being told what to do and For him to come here and demand me to go outside pissed me off.

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