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Dancing on Glass

Dancing on Glass

113K Reads 8.1K Votes 48 Part Story
Rena Freefall By RenaFreefall Completed

#26 in Fantasy ~ 

In six months, Cinderella will be free. 

At nineteen, she comes into her inheritance and will be rid of her wretched stepfamily. All she has to do is:
Behave: (to a point)
Do as she's told: (for the most part)
Stay out of sight: (well, her stepmother doesn't need to know her closest friend is the personal attendant to the Crown Prince)

For the most part, Cinderella does as she's told... until a royal ball. 

And with that... comes a secret. She has no idea what that secret might be but Cinderella knows there's something there. Something hidden by her Stepmother that sits below a tangled web of lies that span years.

And Cinderella is going to find out what it is - less she gets caught in that web like those who went before her. 
            Far, Far Away Trilogy:
            Reading Order: 
            Dancing on Glass
            Dancing on Ice

            Cover image:  Lisa Keene

Oh my gosh! The way you word things in this book is SO amazing! You are literally super talented!
Lots0fJoy Lots0fJoy Sep 03, 2016
I keep looking at characters wondering, "Who's kid are you?" ;)
bluefirespark bluefirespark Sep 18, 2016
*wriggles fingers in your face* maaagiiiiccc *pulls a purple hood up and poofs into a cloud of dust*
bluefirespark bluefirespark Sep 18, 2016
*smirks* I know what's gonna happen. Guess why! *nudges you* Guess! 
                                  Well, I READ IT!
                              ...but now I'm gonna read it again. :) And maybe comment because the first time around I read it offline...
her21jams her21jams Mar 06
Sorry for the delay LOL I'm here and ready to read! I missed you Rena! I see that Beldon is 31.... 😭😭😭😭 I'm so old LOL
19carolina94 19carolina94 Aug 11, 2016
Are any of the other characters going to make appearances here?