Mission 2: Marry Chae Hyungwon

Mission 2: Marry Chae Hyungwon

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This is a sequel to Mission: Seduce Chae Hyungwon 

4 years had passed and they were reunited, letting their deep longings and surpressed feelings resurface as their eyes met each other. 

Hyungwon and Aira thought being together will make them stronger, 

But what if it only settled their biggest obstacles, especially when another one come in between their relationship? or the greediness for power? 

[completed : december 28, 2016]

crescent_mint crescent_mint Aug 25, 2016
Kihyun POV now
                              Me: holy crap another frigging bias wrecker now
taehyunged- taehyunged- Aug 12, 2016
Pffft why is this coincidence or are these the surnames of bangtan?😂😂 gosh
by__michelle by__michelle Jul 28, 2016
aesthetic_js aesthetic_js Dec 02, 2016
u mean park jimin, kim taehyung or jeon jungkook/jeon wonwoo?
woojaewoo woojaewoo Oct 17, 2016
"I've been in America for four years, that's why I'm here man!
crescent_mint crescent_mint Aug 25, 2016
"Did Wonho knew all along?" He nodded
                              Me: yesss frigging smartass