Mission 2: Marry Chae Hyungwon

Mission 2: Marry Chae Hyungwon

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nochu👑 [hiatus] By bxmi_trash Completed

This is a sequel to Mission: Seduce Chae Hyungwon    

4 years had passed and they were reunited, letting their deep longings and surpressed feelings resurface as their eyes met each other.   

Hyungwon and Aira thought being together will make them stronger,   
But what if it only settled their biggest obstacles yet, especially when another one comes in between their relationship? or the greediness for power?    

[completed : august 18, 2017]

My baby Changkyun😭 gosh i feel like I'm the one who is going to explode reading this😂 i wish i had Hyungwon
AnnaMarkou AnnaMarkou Aug 29
Poor I.M. We have a similar name too mine is A.M. and either way is he an idol cuz im not that familiar with his group if its monsta x
AnnaMarkou AnnaMarkou Aug 29
We love you our angelic author and don't overwork yourself be healthy first and the right don't feel pressured
Yixingfied Yixingfied Sep 07
What happened to "you can't just ask them straight away like that" DAD?