Mission : Seduce Chae Hyungwon

Mission : Seduce Chae Hyungwon

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Baek Aira is an introvert yet smart high school girl who lives her days being the slave of a popular girl gang in her school called 'The BlackRose'. She had enough and finally had the courage to stand up for herself. They give her one last task, the most difficult task she ever encountered...

"Make Hyungwon fall in love with you and we'll let you go, fail to do so, you're ours for eternity", Sara smirks and crossed her arms

Problem is Chae Hyungwon is one of the hottest guy at school known for his cold and intimidating attitude, he practically rules the school with his famous gang Monsta X. 

Can she complete the task and melt Hyungwon's  ice cold heart?

[completed: july 23, 2016]

jinshuang jinshuang Mar 09
Ohh bby no please.. You're gonna get heartbroken
taffkookiemonster taffkookiemonster Nov 01, 2016
Oh man...my drama senses are going crazy over this love triangle
But you're the jerk, Sara. You're also an idiot! You know that Sara!? AN IDIOT
No sugar? But everyone needs Suga in their life... Especially me.
What a great passcode. So east to NOT figure out. (Note the sarcasm please)
Oh she's the bitch? Have you looked in the mirror recently!? You must be talking to yourself!!! (Okay. I give up. I have no chill...sorry)