Go: A Rp

Go: A Rp

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The Anonymous One...in case you didn't get it from my profile's name. How long can this go? Wow, really long, apparently. Any longer? Yep. Let's see how long this goes. So dang long. Woah. Really? Yes, apparentl By LeAnonymousOne Updated Dec 13, 2016

Pokemon in real life + magic + technology + drama + adventure + more

In this version of our world, magic is a normalized, small thing that exists, and has for all time.  The dawn of war made magic a weapon, more so than ever before. The dawn of technology changed things, splitting technology and magic.

The dawn of Pokemon Go caused Pokemon to rise in the real world - to come alive.

Only, they weren't like the ones in the game.

Pokemon were monsters - destroying cities, causing cults, abducting children...and things changed.

Now, 75 years later, people in extreme wealth and luxury, people who are free from all the terrors Pokemon brought, are obsessed with Trainers - the extremely rare few that can train Pokemon, that can use strong magic to attack Pokemon in the wild, that have connections, and even that got lucky enough to face a dragon - and survive.

Some will break, some will survive. Secrets will rise. 

Everything will change.

(NOTE: THIS IS A LITERATE RP, A MINIMUM OF TWO BIG PARAGRAPHS. PG-13 for drug use, blood/gore, cursing, and mature themes.)

(Cover art by the amazing Dane Cozens)

dragon-birds dragon-birds Aug 05, 2016
                              idk about my favourite pokemon?? rlly haha
                              as for colours, i have to say its a contest between pastels and dark hues hahah
WarriorWriter56 WarriorWriter56 Jul 22, 2016
Rayquaza (So Hard to Pick!) And... um.... Crimson Red!
                              Is it cool for me to have two characters: Darlene (female) and Rhyder (male)? They're twins.
StrangerLilHero StrangerLilHero Jul 22, 2016
Pichu, Mudkip, Fennekin, Latias, and Bidoof!
                              You didn't give me a limit for Pokemon! XD
                              I just didn't wanna list fifty....
                              *whispers* Growlithe, Houndour, Poochyena, Zorua, Lillipup....
                              My favorite color is Navy Blue and Black. 
                              Also, Hi dere :3 I luv yu....
firebird-suite firebird-suite Sep 04, 2016
Empoleon 'cause nostalgia aaaaaand blue because you made me choose.
- - Jul 25, 2016
My favorite Pokemon is Weavile and my favorite color is maroon.
oracle_of_delphi oracle_of_delphi Jul 22, 2016
I can't pick a favourite ;~; that being said, Umbreon is pretty cool and my favourite colour is purple.