The Eye of the Storm - Sequel to The Oncoming Storm

The Eye of the Storm - Sequel to The Oncoming Storm

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"You don't listen! You never listened..." 

Dark clouds begin to surround the relationship Prince has built up with Apollonia. He loves her... but can he change his ways to save them from sinking? Can he save himself? Or will he finally find himself tragically plummeting from his dizzying heights...? 

It takes only one misstep to be thrown from your high horse...

"I thought I was invincible... hell, was I wrong. This is why people always told me to listen... We're in the eye of the storm now, and I see no sign of clear skies ahead..." 

A sequel to The Oncoming Storm

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  • purplerain
  • romance
  • suspense
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1963196620J 1963196620J Jul 20, 2016 this is what it's come to, Princess? You can't express your feelings, so you take it out on poor Apollonia? 😡 You better be glad I can't come through this laptop and kick your a s s. 😤
ShortyRaRa ShortyRaRa Jul 20, 2016
NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I'm so sad...damn you Prince!! You need to stop being a hater and get your girl!!!!
1963196620J 1963196620J Jul 20, 2016
I love Apollonia for many reasons. One being that she's so innocent; your typical girl next door. And she's extremely adorable. 💜😍