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Power Fantastic By PurplePyramid Updated a day ago

"All that glitters ain't gold."

He's taught her many things and she's done the same. What do they do when they're not attached at the hip like they've been for the last nine years? She always hoped they'd make it to ten but when he panicked he crushed their friendship and her feelings. Now, on the road to recovery, she learns a new way to view life. Wait, what happens when he reappears? We all know Chipmunk can't live without his Songbird for too long. 

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keiathegypsy keiathegypsy Oct 18, 2016
Smart cookie! Get your masters..."if you don't own your masters the masters own you"
jaicolenix jaicolenix Oct 18, 2016
Aweeee Chanel 😭💔 his good for nothing ašs just sticks like glue
jaicolenix jaicolenix Oct 18, 2016
Idk. That's another Gemini. 🤔 I peep a collab and lots of creative stuff. But I also sense drama
PurpleLove82 PurpleLove82 Oct 17, 2016
Oh my Jesus I can not wait to read what happens next!!  I'm so proud of my girl Lyric for staying strong!!  EFF You Prince and yo layin a** my boy Pac is coming to save the day!!
jaicolenix jaicolenix Oct 18, 2016
😭 when you don't realize how much of a rih Stan you are until you almost get crazy cuz the words are switched out. I gots to get myself together 💀
FoodStampz_ FoodStampz_ Nov 03, 2016
I  Love it I love it I love it.....I swear I'm slow I didn't see this book start but imma read it and catch up...and tupac in it yass