all an act ➳ j.jk

all an act ➳ j.jk

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❝come on! bora, please! i love you!❞ he yelled. everyone was staring at us.

❝dont lie to me! i know youre faking everything!❞ i shouted.

❝what do you mean!❞

❝i know youre faking to be my boyfriend for taehee! just like what mingyu did to me! i can't believe you, after everything i told you!❞ i started crying.

-in which a girl name bora(you) have the hugest crush on a guy name jeon jungkook. one day he suddenly asks her out and bora happily accepts the day after. what happened if jungkook was just acting their relationship for another girl?

Read the story to find out~ Comment and Vote please;)

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Started: 07/23/16
Ended: 02/09/17

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I almost fell for it but I remembered he was just playing me
KimSara_07 KimSara_07 Nov 13
hi my name is bora and i know u r jealous bcause of my smart ass brain but don't call me nerd im soft.