Nothing personal - Riren

Nothing personal - Riren

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Stripper Eren : Mafia Boss Levi

Triggers : Small Feels

Ereri : riren :

Rape : Smut

: plot - with the mafia boss-- Levi, being bored as can be. Making a stripper is personal sex Partner. He never intended a personal relationship. After his colleagues find something fishy and out of the ordinary, they take it into their own hands-- not wanting this 'boy.' To wrap their boss up in this relationship with the stripper---
   22 year old-- Eren Yeager- young- good looking stripper. Evolved with a 29 year old man- Levi Ackerman. Maia boss. With erens boss-- being the opposing group Levi's after. After having a little coral in the bar/gay strip club. Being on Erens bosses territory. Something isn't right. So,etching goes wrong. Big mistakes. And nothing personal. :

Levi Ackerman - AKA short : Eren Yeager - AKA Angry German Boy : kutchel Ackerman : Grisha Yeager - AKA Crappy runaway Father : Karla Yeager : Christa Renz : Annie leanhart : Connie springer : Petra Ral : Armin Arlert - AKA coconut : Sasha Blaus : hanji Zoe - AKA Shitty Glasses : mikasa Ackerman : Ymir : jean kirstein - AKA Horse / Donkey Face : Marco bodt : Reiner Braun : Erwin Smith - AKA Big eyebrows : Bertolt Hoover :

 Cover Art : @

  Thanks for reading my long ass summary that was unnecessary. -JO

Nekoni-chan Nekoni-chan Jan 04
I had to reread it several times,  I thought it said MY son,  when it said THE son 😂😂😂
Anime_no_Ai Anime_no_Ai Dec 19, 2016
I am blushing even harder.... Crap. Curse You Eren Jaeger and Levi Ackermen!
everlasting-luv everlasting-luv Nov 30, 2016
Ooohhhhh lord help me Eren is HOT. I'd pound that 😏👌🏻💦
Anime_Freak_2000 Anime_Freak_2000 Dec 14, 2016
How I'm the hell can people walk in those shoes let alone stand in them
AshCourt1 AshCourt1 Jan 15
Why would you let your son be a stripper if you don't want people ogling over him and going after him?! Geez...
Heichou-Senpai Heichou-Senpai Dec 22, 2016