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Nothing personal - Riren

Nothing personal - Riren

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_ᴱᴿᴱᴿᴵ_JO_ᴰᴿᴬᴿᴿᵞ _ By Bloodyace016 Completed

Stripper Eren : Mafia Boss Levi

Triggers : Small Feels

Ereri : riren :

Rape : Smut

: plot - with the mafia boss-- Levi, being bored as can be. Making a stripper is personal sex Partner. He never intended a personal relationship. After his colleagues find something fishy and out of the ordinary, they take it into their own hands-- not wanting this 'boy.' To wrap their boss up in this relationship with the stripper---
   22 year old-- Eren Yeager- young- good looking stripper. Evolved with a 29 year old man- Levi Ackerman. Maia boss. With erens boss-- being the opposing group Levi's after. After having a little coral in the bar/gay strip club. Being on Erens bosses territory. Something isn't right. So,etching goes wrong. Big mistakes. And nothing personal. :

Levi Ackerman - AKA short : Eren Yeager - AKA Angry German Boy : kutchel Ackerman : Grisha Yeager - AKA Crappy runaway Father : Karla Yeager : Christa Renz : Annie leanhart : Connie springer : Petra Ral : Armin Arlert - AKA coconut : Sasha Blaus : hanji Zoe - AKA Shitty Glasses : mikasa Ackerman : Ymir : jean kirstein - AKA Horse / Donkey Face : Marco bodt : Reiner Braun : Erwin Smith - AKA Big eyebrows : Bertolt Hoover :

 Cover Art : @

  Thanks for reading my long ass summary that was unnecessary. -JO

bluecakez bluecakez Apr 17
I'm cringing a bit because he's as old as me and I can't even dance normally
dbecrazy dbecrazy Apr 27
This is a person with a leather kink's dream I'm just saying those boots are like thigh highs and the buckles and straps go ALL DA WEY UP then you got the heels on them and those are probably 40 inch boots DA hell I'm just saying your calves better be right after wearing those and your damn thighs
What a wonderful daddy. He reminds me of my daddy. He praises me when I do good on the pole too.
ab_viktoria ab_viktoria Apr 06
Like the description of Eren is like hot and all but... the fact it's coming from Grisha... like bruh, incest is a no no from me
*Me when I see the shoes*looks up on Google for normal black heel boots* here we are, shoes that aren't as hideous as Jean's hoofs