Hidden Feelings | Riren

Hidden Feelings | Riren

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Rae/Elijah By Rmellis Completed

|Warning; many mistakes, will be edited in future.|

When Eren's life at home is hard enough school just piles on more for his struggles. 

Eren Jaeger, 15, and suicidal, lives with his homophobic and abusive father and it constantly bullied by the strongest and most popular boy in the school; Levi Ackerman.

Levi Ackerman, 15, lives with his homophobic, and abusive father to which no one knows about. When at school Levi takes all his frustration out on a green eyed boy named Eren Jaeger. 

Little did he know Eren going through the same as him, maybe even worse and he's just making it harder for the boy he has hidden feelings for.

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*Triggers - Abuse, Rape and Suicidal Thoughts*
I do not own any characters from 'Attack on Titan' but the story plot.

Wait a couple of chapters, then you'll probably be the on kneeling😊
Lancejeager Lancejeager May 25
Why be homophobic when u can just be quiet bro like really leave MY PRECIOUS EREN ALONE
Your eyes are beautiful eren!!!! You don't even know how much money people spent just to get contacts like that!
I was listening to Ed Shreean "Happier" while reading this. Not gonna lie, I cried like a bitch XD
EllieJaeger EllieJaeger Jun 18
Tall? Oh, Author-Chan, Levi is literally the definition of short.
Wait but how is he getting these notification?? It makes no sense why would he have peoples contacts or follow people on social media if they hated him