I'm So Glad I Found You : Quintis Fic

I'm So Glad I Found You : Quintis Fic

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ScorpionCyclone555 By ScorpionCyclone555 Updated Jul 23

While Team Scorpion works on a case, they meet someone that is connected. They have trouble believing it at first, since she  was ONLY a child, but she's definitely full of more surprises than they can count.

A child, who's been protecting herself from ever since she could remember. And an orphanage is definitely not a place she'd  like to end up, so she has to be good at the lying and cheating game, and she's made it pretty far. Until Scorpion uncovers her secrets one by one, and Toby finally gets her to let down her shield. He's one of the only one she trusts, and maybe that's more than just a coincidence.

Mostly Quintis, little bits of Waige, and Ralph will be shipped with the young girl (Sage) RalphxSage=Rage


I am in the midst of editing previous chapters of this story, it's the same basic storyline but better written. Don't worry, because I will be updating chapters too, it's not on hold.
I will make a list below of the chapters changed, and I will continue to update it after I save the changes.

Chapter 1 - Crazy Troubles
Chapter 2 - Life Leaves Scars
Chapter 3 - Saved by the Bell
Chapter 4 - Let's Roleplay
Chapter 5 - Cat's Out of the Bag
Chapter 6 - Code of Life
Chapter 7 - Emoting Explosives
Chapter 8 - What's a Home to You?
Chapter 9 - New Places to Call Home
Chapter 10 - The Thing About Trust
Chapter 11 - It's Not Easy to Earn It

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