Suga Meets Salt

Suga Meets Salt

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Hurh... like every normal college drama... I'm just the girl on the slide line.

Every day after class... I would seat on the benches and pretended to study- scratch that!


But once in awhile I will sneak some glances at him...


Min Yoongi.

He's every girl's dream guy-well, at least for me of course.

He's quite popular, due to the fact that every college student's knows him.

He's even popular even to guys.

Everyone calls him *Suga.*

Probably because he had super pale skin and of course, I bet he's as sweet as his name also.

I like him at the start of freshman year college and now, it's already my senior year and still, I

haven't even confess my love to him.

He probably never knew that I existed even when I sat on the benches by myself as watched him

play basketball every day.


Because I'm a salty, ugly potato.

But.. that'll never change the fact that I like Min Yoongi a.k.a Suga.

And I hope one day he'll like me too.

Had a request to upload this.
This version is the FFV version. Story version will be up soon. ^^

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Jin:Watch your language imma give you a bottle of holy water and make you'll drink it!
My eyes are getting watery with just reading this, that burning sensation of having that salty sweat in ur eyes is no joke
My reputation would be in shambles if I did that to you ugly
Hahaha I force my brothers to play video games with me if I don't have soccer in the near future (though I really don't)
If I was your mom, would it be bad parenting to yell back, "I'm sorry, you'll thank me later!"?
But you pray every night just for him to notice you and now you're cursing at him!?!?!?