The Truth In Lies

The Truth In Lies

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Bex By Xebbex Updated Aug 13, 2016

**GOING SERIES SPIN OFF** Kystar is a business on the verge of going global. For seven years they have dominated the market welcoming talent agencies from all over the US to become their clients, but the time for growth is nigh.

Despite all of their differences, co-owners Daniel Jackson and Kyla Hallister are both motivated and ambitious. Eager to see their business grow they formulate a winning concept to take the world by storm.

Kyla has her eye on the biggest talent agency in London, a family run business who only does business with other families. Daniel sends forth the proposal, and neither expect much.

But when they get a call and the CEO of the talent agency in question is on the line, Daniel mentions Kyla is there, sleeping. The CEO's attitude changes and he asks if they're married. Thinking on his feet Daniel lies and tells him they're engaged.

The CEO admits to liking the proposal and wants to meet. But he wants to meet them both.

Daniel talks Kyla into lying for the good of the business, but it comes with a strict set of rules. The two fly over to London. 

Under the guise of romance, and the pressure of lying sparks fly between the two. Could there be some truth in this lie after all?

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