Those Darn Sexy Kidnappers

Those Darn Sexy Kidnappers

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Cassie Claire was in for quite the pickle.

She and her bevy of BFFs decide to go to the store one morning, but little did she know that she was about to meet one sexy, sexy man. Like in a romance movie, they locked eyes, and the whole world came to a screeching halt. 

What happened next wasn't as similar to a romance movie.

He put a gun to her head

And kidnapped her.


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Only works in the movies hun. Also usually it’s like Ironman gurl whatchu thinkin?
So do I. It’s my backside as I walk out that door. Goodbye.
weirdox0 weirdox0 18 hours ago
“Hey sweetheart what’s up” as I’m ab to respond he says “I’ll tell you what’s up” NO BISH ITS MY TURN
How about option three: You put the gun down before I knew you in the balls, and I don’t place a restraining order on you. Deal?
fullmoonwolf890 fullmoonwolf890 14 hours ago
Didn’t she throw her ice cream the first time. I read this book before I long time ago