Alpha Declan

Alpha Declan

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bunns By jursey Completed

His hands went through her hair slowly, grabbing it softly as he whispers "Mine." The two of them were standing in the rain outside the gas station. Soon later, the guy was gone in a flash without leaving any signs behind. 


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Date Started: December 6, 2015
Date Ended: March 16, 2016

I'm mostly reading this book because of patrick stump's son and I'm not shamed to admit that😂
Justin Bieber ain't cute, though. He's alright, but not 'hot'. In my opinion, anyway. And, why is everyone fighting? They're just celebrities, no reason to tear each other apart....
One of my friends and me too 😂 we are a weird group of friends
I was half expecting the next lime to be, "Who do we ask for help when we don't know where to go?" 😂
Not long ago I was talking about rim jobs in a very crowded place
Yeah, my teacher said 'Hit the Quan' and then proceeded to dab...ah, what a generation to be alive.