My Slytherin Prince or My Gryffindor Angel?

My Slytherin Prince or My Gryffindor Angel?

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"Join me. If you do, all will be well with those you hold dearest. All you have to do is lead him to me, lead him to me and the other one lives."

"But what about-"

"Ah, unfortunately him, my dear, he will not live to see another day."

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My gosh. Leaned casually against a wall. 😍 Imagining it it...
                              Til' he did it in front of Pansy. I swear, Ill kill that pug face.
He needs to stop beating himself up over something he actually did very well.
Oh no!!! XD LOL I'm sorry for laughing but for real Oh no!!!
I have no idea why but my first thought after reading this line was 'Aaawww.... I have social issues' I mean it in a good way like so cute way.
" (Y/N) Why ?!??! I love you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " Draco
                              " ... Meh ... " Me
Wtf ? Dra-draco , I don't you have feeling to me . I always want to with you . But why now ? You kept me waiting , *Dark voice* FRIEND .