Stargazing - [Nagito Komaeda x Reader]

Stargazing - [Nagito Komaeda x Reader]

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Me! Me! Me! By KourinOuchi Updated Sep 01, 2016

You were a very lonely child. Your friends lived too far away, so your only company were the stars. Until he came along. But how long did that happiness last? And will you ever regain it again?

I hope you can enjoy this story!

The main character's appearance and talent is actually based around my OC, but personality shifted more towards the reader.

Before you start reading: this will probably not contain any NSFW scenes, maybe some suggestive ones. But mostly just a bittersweet slice of life.
I tried not to rush the story, but I'm not sure how that worked out. Also, I like the idea of "Nagito's hair was originally the color that he has towards the end of his hair, not completely white" so I used that headcanon for this story. Enjoy!

Cover: one of many official Danganronpa art.

And yes I will be naming these chapters after Melanie Martinez' song titles because I love her and her songs fit the childish nature of this fic (*'∀`)

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I can confirm I've done this......
                              And I'm not proud to fall down the stairs like a clutz in front if a crowd of fellow middle schoolers ;w;
TranquilDoll TranquilDoll Oct 10, 2017
Is it weird that my favorite character from Dangan 2 is Hiyoko? Everyone seems to hate her and I get why.
TranquilDoll TranquilDoll Oct 10, 2017
NOOBS ONLY SLEEP REKT >:D (lolol i am acting like a 9 year old)
setori_ setori_ Feb 17, 2017
*Thinks the title is familiar*
                              Oh mah lawd a Melanie Martinez fan!
calyddp calyddp Nov 09, 2016
YES. This is perfect because my OC is the Ultimate Stargazer, another word for astronomist, and it sounds better, and I ship her with Komaeda, so this is so perfect!