Burning Moth

Burning Moth

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⚔Jada⚔ By letmelivetonight Updated 5 days ago

"Keep our secrets, and we'll keep yours."

The Dixons are the wealthiest family in Harbor Village. They're also the most notorious. When playgirl Scarlet Holloway not-so-innocently uncovers their darkest secret, she's thrown into a world of luxury, sex, and deception.

The tight-knit family are determined to keep Scar in their pocket. They'll do anything to prevent her from coming clean, protecting the family legacy at any cost. Scar knows the stakes are high - the only thing standing between her and an early grave is their middle son, Nicholias. 

Nick seems to have put the girls and the drugs on pause, pursuing Scar like she's his next fix. Too bad for Nick, Scar can't be sure he's not a killer, or that his advances aren't just self-preservation.

Falling in love could cost a girl her life, but so could running from it. She'll do anything she can to stay alive and keep her friends safe. Maybe Scar really is just a moth, but she knows a little something about flames...

Oh, this is toooooooo goooood. I love the fact that these two are grave-robbing😂😂. I can't wait for the next update.
NiniLove22 NiniLove22 May 30
Scarlett is the true definition of a BFF. Lol, she makes me want to be a better friend. I totally would've sat Aiden down & helped him write an apology letter LOL. But that's no fun. I'm sooooo interested to know what happens next
LeePrissy LeePrissy Nov 21
Sigh, don't do this. It's gonna hurt real bad when I find out it ain't supernatural😔😔
ashleerae2 ashleerae2 Nov 25
Woah I have to say first of all I love the book cover! Also Scar is crazy and I'm loving this first chapter! Good job :)
marly1002 marly1002 Jun 15
I get it. Dig up a dead dixon family members grave and replace the ring with the one you lost. But that's seems a little extreme. How crazy is this girl?
LeePrissy LeePrissy Nov 21
Dwl I get it now!! She's just try'na replace the ring😂😂 and here I thought they were burying his boss😂😂