Back Again | Lucifer x Reader

Back Again | Lucifer x Reader

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Expensive Mistake By Pellegrino117 Completed

The reader gets kidnapped. This is the aftermath.

Fluff & maybe some smut.

COMPLETED (Under editing)

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MOOSE1-800 MOOSE1-800 Jul 13, 2017
😖😖😟you know I love you Lucifer....and I won't go with my reaper! I will disobey for you!!!
LadaTheLeo LadaTheLeo Oct 21, 2017
                              I'm going to hell
                              with Luci my bebe
                              It works either way...
                              also Crowley is OOFFF~
HannahBananaEX HannahBananaEX Jun 26, 2017
Dammit I'm trying to be sad but the #sensitivesatan tag is making me laugh so much 😂
Dean_-Winchester_- Dean_-Winchester_- Jul 06, 2017
Me: omg! That's so sad *feeling to wanna cry* *also smiling*
                              Inside me: OMG. IM DEAD? POOR MOOSE, squirrel!!!
                              LUCI!!!!*sobs dramaticly*
DoctorDeanMoriarty DoctorDeanMoriarty Jul 05, 2017
Guys, this is supposed to be a sad scene😂😂
                              But I'll do it too #SensitiveSatan
searchlight98 searchlight98 Dec 13, 2017
Is there a prequel to this because i read the whole page but was confused as to what was going on